(Minghui.org) My family and I are very grateful to Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa because Dafa has benefited our whole family.

A Second Chance

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 at the age of 52. After major surgery, doctors told me that because of the extent of cancer in my body I had no chance of recovery.

Nevertheless, I still went through eight rounds of chemotherapy. I lost my hair, couldn't eat or sleep and my weight dropped significantly. I eventually gave up on the treatment and left the hospital.

Soon after arriving home an elderly woman in my village told me about Falun Dafa and suggested that I give it a try. She also gave me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun.

I read a few pages and immediately felt better. I had not eaten for days but was able to have a full meal that evening. I decided then to diligently learn Falun Dafa and became hopeful about my future.

A week after I began practicing, my throat became painfully dry. Other practitioners in my area were happy for me. They said that Dafa was cleansing my body and my discomfort was simply sickness karma being eliminated.

I kept studying the Fa and doing the Dafa exercises, and all my aches and pains were gone after a week. My health was soon completely restored. Those who know me commented that I looked much younger than I did before my illness.

Seeing the changes in me, my doctor was stunned. He witnessed Falun Dafa's power. He even quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after I told him how the CCP has been persecuting Dafa practitioners. Whenever he saw me afterward, he would exclaim, “Falun Dafa is good!” Those who heard him would turn and look at me, giving me the chance to tell them about Dafa.

Falun Dafa gave me a healthy body and also helped me to become a better person. I treat others with kindness, honesty, and compassion. Whenever I have a conflict I look for the faults in me.

My Husband Benefits

My husband had chronic asthma, which worsened as he aged. After I started practicing Falun Dafa, his asthma disappeared and he is now healthy.

My husband works in a mine. One day, the cable pulling the carts snapped and a cart dropped down to where my husband stood. Just before it was about to hit him, he said that he felt a force push him to safety.

He believes Master Li was watching over him, and felt very grateful. He became respectful to Master and Dafa since that day.

My children are also very supportive of my practice. They lead healthy and productive lives. My mother-in-law used to believe in the CCP's propaganda and its slander against Falun Dafa, but her attitude has changed and she is now supportive as well.

I often wish I had started practicing Falun Dafa sooner. I remind myself I need to use this precious time to better cultivate myself and let more people know how great Falun Dafa is.