(Minghui.org) A Falun Gong practitioner's son recently told his mother, “Now I understand why you rarely use your cell phone. Every cell phone in China is being monitored!”

He continued, “The other day I accompanied a friend of mine to a police network-surveillance center. When I entered the room, I saw dozens of computers and officers monitoring cell phone communications, including those of Falun Gong practitioners.”

I also heard that some practitioners went to visit the home of an elderly female practitioner who had recently passed away. Her daughter, who works at a local police station, would not permit the visiting practitioners to bring their cell phones to her home.

“All of your cell phones are being monitored,” she explained. “We record every word you say on your phones.” These two incidents underscore the importance and urgency of cell phone security.

Master Li has stressed the issue of cell phone security numerous times, as well as the Minghui.org editors.

However, I still notice that many practitioners refuse to pay attention to this issue. For example, some of them bring their cell phones to group Fa study and even accept phone calls while there.

Some practitioners keep their cell phones close by their side, or in the next room. Some talk about any and everything with their cell phones turned on. Others carry cell phones when they clarify the truth; some store Dafa-related materials on their computer desktop, without first encrypting them, and so on.

The reason these people don't pay attention to security is that they're basically selfish, and as such, they can't view the matter from the angle of cultivation.

When we pay attention to security, we're taking other people's safety into consideration. In other words, we're putting others first and being responsible for them.

I've noticed that the practitioners who don't pay attention to security seem to have many human notions and attachments. They're usually selfish, stubborn, lazy, enjoy taking risks, like validating themselves, and have a hard time believing Master and the Fa.

One can only take the issue of security seriously after ridding themselves of these character flaws. This is what cultivation is all about, isn't it?

Of course, security is not only limited to cell phones but also to computers, flash drives, memory cards, Dafa books, material production sites, buying computer and printing supplies, and so on. All these are security issues that we need to pay attention to!