(Minghui.org) A day prior to the 2018 Taipei, Shanghai City Forum, Zhou Bo, the vice-mayor of Shanghai, arrived at the Regent Hotel Taipei, on December 20. Falun Gong practitioners staged a peaceful appeal outside the hotel, asking that Jiang Zemin (the former Chinese Communist Party head) be brought to justice.

Falun Gong practitioners protest peacefully outside the Regent Taipei Hotel, asking that Jiang Zemin be brought to justice.

“Our protest was peaceful and orderly,” said Ms. Wu. “We wish the persecution to end immediately and that Jiang Zemin be brought to justice.”

Ms. Wu pointed out that the situation in China is dire, and said, “I read a Minghui [website] report that police in Daqing City have recently carried out mass arrests of Falun Gong practitioners. According to incomplete statistics more than 61 practitioners were abducted and many had their homes ransacked.”

Cai Shouren, a practitioner from Taipei, said that Falun Gong not only benefits practitioners but also the country, because practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, thus raising their morals. Practicing the physical exercises improves their health.