(Minghui.org) My husband and I are both Falun Dafa practitioners, but there was a big gap between us for five years. Although we didn't have many conflicts, I looked down on him from deep down inside, as I thought he wasn't on the Fa.

Attachment Formed by Looking at Things from a Human Level

I tried to look inward, wanting to get rid of corrupt matter within me, but I felt that I couldn't remove it from the root. When conflicts did arise, I couldn't control myself and didn't behave like a practitioner.

Master said:

“The human world is one of illusion. Nobody can see the reality of things while here in this illusory, secular setting. Human beings see the world two dimensionally, while divine beings view it multi-dimensionally and can see each of the world’s planes as a whole. A human being’s eyes can see only the surface of this world, and people can’t even see all of themselves.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading,” Team Yellow Translation)

After reading this, I understood that I looked at things only from a human level and not multi-dimensionally. In fact, all lives are great, as they've reincarnated lifetime after lifetime and have been through countless hardships to be here today, let alone Fa-rectification period practitioners–they are magnificent! Why did I use my own standard to judge others? I should be humble.

I felt a big relief, and the bad material that surrounded me started to dissipate. Compassion and respect then filled my heart. My family environment changed along with my worldview. The feeling that my husband wasn't on the Fa disappeared. I felt the beauty of being in the Fa.

Finding the Root of My Attachments

Why couldn't I get rid of my attachments from the roots? Because I didn't find the fundamental reason for my attachments' existence.

I realized later that every attachment is kind of matter that developed from deviating from the Fa. When I tried to look for the root of my attachments, I found that they are all human notions that are against the Fa. These notions also correspond to certain levels of the universe that have deviated from the Fa.

Only when we understand and assimilate to the Fa can those bad substances be removed completely, and only by doing so can we elevate in the Fa and return to our true homes.