(Minghui.org) I met a lady who had Parkinson's disease and gave her a small speaker to play Master Li Hongzhi's Fa lectures.

She went to a hospital to get treatment for her condition a few days ago.

She really liked what Master said about how to be a good person and to not curse or fight back when being cursed or hit, that one should, instead, think of others first at all times to be a truly unselfish person.

She brought the speaker with her to the hospital and kept listening.

“You all come listen to what the Master of Falun Dafa says!” she said to the patients and their relatives in her room. “It's all about being a good person. If everyone behaved that way, there wouldn't be any bad people!

“A Falun Dafa practitioner gave this to me for free, just because she wanted me to be healthy. Those practitioners are so kind. But the communist party still persecutes them. No wonder heaven will destroy it! We should not listen to the Party anymore!”

The chief doctor came and said, “I heard that you were talking about Falun Dafa.”

“Doctor, I came here to have my condition treated. You can decide on my treatment, but not on my freedom of speech. Am I right?”

“Yes, yes, you know a great deal. You can talk about it if you want.”

She recovered quickly and left the hospital much sooner than expected.

One of her former classmates asked her, “Why do you listen to Falun Dafa and not the communist party?”

“Nowadays, who still believes in the Party? What has the Party given us? What are those Party officials good at, besides corruption? Falun Dafa teaches people to be truthful, compassionate, and tolerant. People that behave that way regain their health and raise their moral standards. Why doesn't the Party let people learn it? The Party is really bad!”

Her friend had no reply.