(Minghui.org) We learned from the Fa principle “mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition,” that anything has two sides, a positive and negative side. When we are thinking about something, we generally think of both sides automatically.

Master taught us the principle of the universe. Dafa is the most righteous and most pure, and there are no negative elements. Thus, when we encounter problems, we should face them positively.

Facing Elimination of Karma Positively

When I was eliminating karma, my whole body was burning. Someone felt my forehead and urged me to go to a hospital. I wasn't scared, however. Instead I felt excited because Master was helping me eliminate karma.

The symptoms got worse, as my body was burning and then feeling cold. I had never experienced this before. I even lost my voice after a while.

Then, I started to think that this karma eliminating started Friday afternoon, and tomorrow was Monday, so what should I do? I was a teacher. If I couldn't speak, how could I teach? Should I ask for sick leave? But I didn't think I was sick. Since I couldn't lie, I had no reason to ask for a day off. I considered the possibility of going to class as usual, but asking the students to self-study and leave some homework on the blackboard.

The next day I went to school. When I was writing on the blackboard, I forgot about losing my voice. To my surprise, I spoke loud and clear. No one detected anything unusual. Thus, I realized that as a practitioner, eliminating karma won't affect normal work.

Then, I looked inside. I only thought about myself and thought about how steadfast I was, but did not relate it to Dafa. I thought if I couldn't teach, eliminating karma would affect my normal work. This would mean that I didn't study the Fa well.

My ability to speak in class made me understand that whatever we encounter during cultivation, we should face it positively and not think about the negative side.

When I was wondering if I should ask for sick leave, it amounted to acknowledging that I was sick. If at that time I would have thought differently, and just did what I was supposed to do as usual, I would have done better.

Thus, as practitioners, we should try our best to overcome any difficulty unconditionally, and let no negative thoughts affect us.