(Minghui.org) I read a Minghui website article entitled “Let Us Practice the Exercises Wholeheartedly.” I agree with the author that “We all know that studying the Fa is very important. However, not many practitioners recognize that practicing the exercises is also important. Changing the body and changing the mind are equally important.”

A practitioner in her fifties works outside every day on a farm. Her complexion looks great but the skin on the back of her neck looks much older than other parts of her body. It did not look good and her fellow practitioners were wondering why this was so.

When a practitioner saw her doing the exercises, he found that the problem was when she was practicing the fourth exercise, Falun Cosmic Orbit.

Master said in The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection:

“The hands should form an “x” at the back of the head (Figure 4-11). Separate the hands, with the fingertips pointing downward, and connect with the energy of the back. Then move both hands over the top of the head to the front of the chest (Figure 4-12). This is one complete cosmic orbit. Repeat the movements a total of nine times.”

When she practiced, her two hands were not properly placed over the top of her head and did not cross at the back of her head. Therefore she did not connect with the energy of the back correctly.

After this practitioner corrected her hand movements, the skin on the back of her neck became as good as the rest of her complexion.