Why My Truth Clarification Efforts Weren't Good

I often met people in unfortunate situations and wanted to help them. I would suggest that they practice Falun Dafa and emphasized the healing effects that others have experienced. Although I wished them well, I did not place an emphasis on informing them about the persecution or of studying the books.

The truth of the matter is that Dafa does not eliminate people's illnesses unless they sincerely commit themselves to cultivating their moral character. Therefore, merely telling people about the healing effects did not really help them. I made too many such mistakes and wasted a lot of energy. I also failed to look inward when encountering problems.

Discovering My Attachment to Showing Off

I am a young man, and sometimes it is difficult for young people to have self control. I find myself riding my bicycle aggressively, constantly trying to pass any cyclist that is ahead of me.

I like to show off, especially in front of women, and I am competitive with other men. I like to wear less clothing in the winter to show that I am healthy, instead of giving credit to Falun Dafa for my good health.

Dafa has given me everything. All that we do is meaningless unless we connect it with Dafa.

Reading Falun Dafa books has broadened my mind. I can talk about a wide range of topics and have in-depth discussions with others. I have not, however, always put Dafa first. Consequently, I have encountered many hardships and have had to change jobs many times. I did not realize that I had the attachment to showing off. This has affected many aspects of my life, and I hope practitioners will learn from my experiences.

Improve by Studying the Fa Frequently

Practitioners often talk about having such and such attachments—mostly ones we are aware of. But there are many more that are difficult to detect. It would be a very slow process if we just relied on ourselves to constantly search for attachments and eliminate them.

I met several veteran practitioners a few years ago, and we shared our cultivation experiences. They said that I did not study enough, and suggested that I read more Dafa books. Master also reminds us to read Zhuan Falun frequently.

When I first learned the practice, I used to read three lectures a day, and so I was able to spot my shortcomings very quickly when encountering problems.

Now I go through periods of “feeling down” every year. I felt depressed not too long ago and wanted to get away from the feeling. I didn't want to depend on practitioners to help me, so I studied three lectures a day and did the exercises afterward. Subsequently, I felt a tremendous amount of energy while working and when making truth clarification brochures.

I suggest to anyone experiencing a poor cultivation state to read three to five lectures in Zhuan Falun a day. This will help you to cultivate with the enthusiasm you had in the beginning. It would be even better if you could learn to recite the Fa from memory.

It is important that we study the Fa diligently. Oftentimes, the reason we are not doing well is because we are not following Master's teachings.