(Minghui.org) I am a 63-year-old retired government official. I loved sports growing up and learned different Qigong practices with little success before I was 40. It would all have been in vain and I would still be living in confusion if it were not for Master Li and Dafa.

In October of 1997, I saw people exercising together in the central square. I read the display boards about Falun Dafa, which really interested me. That's when I started on my journey to return to my true self and my original home. The three words Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance awakened my long-lost memories. I started living according to these principles.

I soon joined the morning group practice in the central square every day. My husband accompanied me to a large group exercise in another county in 1998. Seeing thousands of practitioners, people from all walks of life and all ages, doing the exercises quietly and beautifully in harmony, gave me a great sense of sacredness. With so many people practicing Dafa, conducting themselves according to a high moral standard, it is truly a pure land on earth.

Honesty When It Comes to Money

One day, over 200 of us gathered in a fellow practitioner's home to listen to Master's Fa lecture audiotapes. At lunchtime, the owner of the restaurant that catered our lunch busied himself handing out our meals and just placed a small basket on the table to collect what we owed. He said, “You are all good people. I trust you, and I know I won't be short a single penny.”

I went to the central square to do the exercises on an exceptionally hot afternoon in 1998. An elderly man was selling popsicles and bottled water nearby. He said to us, “It is scorching hot today. If any of you want water but don't have the money on you, please feel free to take a bottle and pay me when you can. Any one of you would return lost money to its rightful owner without a second thought, so I know you will be good for it.”

Twenty years ago, I used to help out at the employees' credit union where I worked. One day a Ms. Lin came to deposit 1,000 yuan. When she realized that I had mistakenly deposited 2,000 in her account, she alerted me right away so that I could correct it. I was grateful that she was so honest. She said to me, “You are welcome. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.” It's a pity that I did not write down her contact information at the time to get in touch later, but I am sure she has shared the benefits of Dafa with many people in her life.

“Good People Like You Are Hard to Find”

My husband has witnessed that I am healthy and have not used any medication or seen a doctor since I started to practice. I have talked to him about the teachings, such as why people have illnesses and the law that good is rewarded while bad incurs retribution. Because I was diligent about behaving strictly according to Dafa, my husband also started to be considerate of others.

Around the 2013 New Year, he was rushing to work when he stumbled upon a wallet at the entrance to our residential community. Inside it was 1,600 yuan in cash, a bank card, and a citizen ID card, among other items. His first thought was: “My wife is a Falun Dafa practitioner who is considerate to others in all circumstances.” He turned the wallet in to the community security guard office and later called and told me about it. I commended him, saying he'd truly conducted himself according to the principles of Dafa. It is living proof that when one person practices, the whole family benefits.

The owner of the wallet later came to thank us and brought his fiancee. I took the opportunity to talk to them about Dafa and Master's teachings. As they left, they said, “Good people like you are hard to find these days.”

I have come to the understanding over the past 20 years of cultivating that Dafa is our only hope. That is also the reason that the Chinese Communist Party will never be able to destroy Dafa and its practitioners. I hope everyone with a predestined relationship finds Dafa.