(Minghui.org) Since I was a child, I looked up to the sky, telling myself that my true home was there. Then, when qigong practice was popular in the nineties, I joined one and learned to do a form of sitting meditation. Each time I meditated, a replica of me would shoot forth from my head, stand beside me, and look at me.

Finding Dafa Took Two Years

The wish to “go home” was very strong. When my child was barely four years old, I told my husband, “Since I was young, I have tried to live a simple life. I feel that qigong has deeper meaning, so I want to find out more about it.”

With my husband’s support, I resigned my job and left our home to search for the true Way.

I soon gained the power of clairvoyance, knowing fates, telekinesis, and the ability to heal patients. However, this was not what I had sought.

When I came home in the spring of 1996, there was a video sitting out on the table. The video was of Master Li Hongzhi—the founder of Falun Dafa—lecturing in Jinan. After listening to it, my husband and I decided to learn more about Dafa, and we soon read Zhuan Falun.

We soon decided to practice Dafa and follow its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. As soon as I became a good person, I recovered from all my illnesses. My family and surrounding environment also became more and more harmonious.

About half a year later, Master began to purify me. As such, I came down with an off-and-on nosebleed, which stopped when I began to work, have a meal, go outside, or go to bed. During the process, my face began to look healthier, and my body felt relaxed. The bleeding stopped about two weeks later.

There were other karma elimination episodes. Another one took about 10 days before I recovered. I understood that Master was pushing karma out because I had used my hands to heal patients in the earlier years of qigong’s popularity.

Master said:

“Some people with good inborn quality exchange their inborn quality with others for karma.” (Zhuan Falun)

“As time passes, more karma transfers to you; you give others de for karma. No loss, no gain. Though what you get is illness, karma must be paid for with de.” (Zhuan Falun)

Improving Xinxing

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. Like many practitioners, I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. Both times, I was sent back to my hometown and illegally detained. The path to petitioning was blocked.

After being released, I did the Dafa exercises in public. The local police arrested me in May 2000 for doing the exercises in a park. After being detained for about five days, I was taken to a mental hospital.

While detained, I told everyone that I was practicing Falun Dafa for better health and had recovered from all my sicknesses. The CCP was persecuting good people, I told them.

In the hospital, I was taken to the third floor and tied up. It was hard for me to breathe. I was given an injection even though I kept telling the doctor that I had no illnesses or mental problems.

The next afternoon, I was released because my elder brother-in-law went to the mental hospital and signed a document without my knowledge. I resented him and other family members for their cooperation with the authorities.

Master said:

“... as you go about truly cultivating yourself in your day-to-day life, the society that you come into contact with is your cultivation environment. The work and family environments that you spend time in are both settings in which you are to cultivate yourselves, are part of the path you must walk, are what you must handle, and handle correctly at that. None of these should be glossed over.” (“Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006” from Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VII)

I knew that I must pass the test. I studied the Fa, transcribed Zhuan Falun, and sent righteous thoughts. My resentment was gradually replaced by kindness and compassion. I gave a DVD player and Falun Dafa DVDs to my brother-in-law’s family. Seeing the goodness of Dafa, four of our family members began to practice and also helped teach villagers how to practice.

Clarifying the Truth about Dafa in Police Substation

I handed out Falun Dafa materials and copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party outside a store on March 21, 2014. A plainclothes officer identified me and called other police officers to arrest me.

After arriving at the police station, I became calm. I asked Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts. I also searched inside to find my recent cultivation loopholes and anything not aligned with Dafa. I sent strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all those elements.

The policemen were abusive at first. They tried to take a photo, but I didn’t cooperate. They began to ease their forcefulness, and in the end, almost all the officers accepted the Dafa informational materials I had.

The tense atmosphere was gone, and the environment became peaceful. I suggested going to the yard so I could demonstrate the Dafa exercises. I was told, however, that I needed to convince the director.

The director arrived at about 2 p.m. Everyone else left the office, so I sent strong righteous power to eliminate all the negative substances. I told him why I handed out Dafa materials and told him about the persecution.

The director kept nodding as I spoke. He then told the two younger officers to wait until the evening and to find a way to release me.

They took me to a hospital in the evening. I told them that they were still muddled-headed. As there were many patients there, I shouted that I was a Dafa practitioner. The policemen pulled me back into the car and drove me home instead.