(Minghui.org) As cultivators, we understand the importance of cultivating speech. The carelessness of words might inadvertently add tribulations for other practitioners who were already struggling. Additionally, such carelessness might affect the safety of fellow practitioners and disturb the process of others’ validating the Fa. When one's cultivation is not up to par, his or her attachments will be revealed in what one says. Worse yet, it may negatively affect others and their own cultivation.

The following stories taught us something regarding the importance of cultivating speech.

Words Not Totally on the Fa

A practitioner in Jie's area was experiencing tribulations. Since she knew her situation well, Jie asked several fellow practitioners who were close to her to help and reinforce her cultivation state. Even though Jie's intentions were good, her words might not have been totally on the Fa. Unfortunately, certain practitioners passed her words around and created a great deal of negative impact. Even though it happened a long time ago, it still affects the parties that were involved.

Jie knew that she was part of the issue, or things would not have turned out the way they are at this time. Jie also thought if the other practitioner would have cultivated her speech and pointed things out to Jie face-to-face, it would have helped to correct her mistake and might have saved a lot of grief for the one who was amid the tribulations.

Ending an Opportunity

Another practitioner surnamed Wei is from northern China. She took clarifying the facts seriously and liked using bank notes with Falun Dafa messages written on them. She began to collect small notes from a friend of hers who is a businessperson. Over the years, she exchanged thousands of such bank notes with other practitioners. She stressed with several practitioners never to respond to questions about whom originated or gave them the bank notes.

When a fellow practitioner was arrested, others began looking for Wei and asking for cash with the messages printed on them. Wei was shocked because many practitioners knew that she was the one managing such cash, and not only in her area but also other material production sites. It was a good opportunity for Wei to validate Dafa this way, but because others did not cultivate their speech, she had to stop doing it because of the risk involved.

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