(Minghui.org) I went on a regular visit to see my father in the hospital in mid-October 2017 when the nurse told me that he had contracted scabies, which had spread to his personal caregiver and several of my family members.

On hearing this, I immediately replied, “I found a red rash on my body too.” With that thought, rashes soon began appearing all over my body.

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, my cultivation state was poor at the time, and I had a low understanding of the Fa. Therefore, I followed advice from friends and family and started using everyday people’s remedies in order to ease the itching. I also changed my clothes daily, washed them with hot water, and used high heat to dry them. I then cleaned the washing machine with disinfectant. My husband, also a Dafa practitioner, remarked, “You're approaching this with the thinking of an ordinary person.”

Because I did not adhere to the requirements of a practitioner, my symptoms worsened day by day. The itching became so bad that I had difficulty sleeping. It drove me to tears and affected my work.

When I realized my error, I started putting more effort into cultivation practice, but because I was cultivating in the hope of curing my condition, my efforts did not see much improvement.

By November, the scabies had spread to my hands. Many of my colleagues knew that I practice Falun Dafa, and my condition reflected poorly on the reputation of Dafa.

At one point, my condition started affecting my work so badly that I took two days off. I spent the time studying the Fa and practicing the exercises at home. While my efforts alleviated my physical discomfort, it did nothing to alleviate the scabies. The itchiness and pain became so unbearable that I took a day off from work to rest.

The following day, Master arranged for me to read an article on “endurance.” I was taken aback upon realizing how much suffering an ordinary person can endure. As a cultivator, I had to hold myself to higher standards. I decided to continue working despite the difficulty I had in making it through each day.

My husband patiently counseled me throughout the process. “Stop treating this like an ordinary person’s illness. This is a manifestation of karma, and only through suffering can karma be eliminated. Stop treating yourself like an ordinary person and start changing your mindset.” However, his words fell on deaf ears.

Thereafter, I experienced two vivid dreams.

In the first dream, I walked through a very strange place, encountering huge, abnormal creatures. Despite my fear, I held firm in my righteous thoughts and placed my trust in Master. In this way, I was able to pass the creatures unscathed and also make my way intact through each subsequent wave of bigger and stranger creatures. After many rounds of this, I was finally able to fall asleep. From this incident, I learned that strong righteous thoughts were essential to passing any tribulation.

In my second dream, I had to walk past some gigantic, ferocious beasts. With firm righteous thoughts in mind, I managed to get past waves and waves of them, each wave consisting of creatures more fearsome than the last. After many waves of creatures had passed, I reached a beautiful place with blue skies and white clouds. This time, I learned that although the disease was ravaging my body in waves, as long as I kept my righteous thoughts strong, Master would guide me to a cure. I stepped up my efforts in sending forth righteous thoughts and memorizing the Fa.

Although there was much improvement in my mental state and itchy skin, I was reminded of my condition each time I washed my face and body. Despite a month of effort, the rash stubbornly refused to go away. My conviction began to sway, and I began to apply medication, telling myself, “Although I trust Master and the Fa, my level is limited. The medication will help me control my condition, after which I will cultivate diligently to catch up.”

The medication was effective, and my condition dramatically improved within two weeks. However three days after I stopped applying the medication, the rash returned with a vengeance, along with the pain and itching. The pustules on my waist grew back larger than before, and I started developing shiny red blisters and rashes on my fingers. I nearly had a mental breakdown at this point, but I soon pulled myself together to study the Fa and practice the exercises with concentrated effort.

However, I continued to view this as an ordinary person’s disease and harbored hopes of finding a cure through medicine. Having lost faith in my abilities to handle this through cultivation practice, I tried to book an appointment at the hospital.

No consultation appointment times were immediately available, however, and I could only secure a slot for the coming Tuesday.

That Sunday night, after finishing the exercises and Fa study, I knelt before Master’s portrait and begged him to save me. I asked Master to heal my hands, which would allow me to continue my job and do household chores. Before going to sleep, I promised Master that I would go to work the next day if my hands were healed.

I woke up at around 4:00 a.m. and glanced at my hands. A miracle had truly happened: the blisters and red rashes had receded. I started crying. I was grateful beyond words to compassionate Master.

In keeping with my promise, I went to work that morning, and when I returned home I told my husband that I would not be going to the hospital on Tuesday, to his incredible relief.

I found that my condition varied according to my thoughts because I had not been diligently studying the Fa and was used to thinking like an ordinary person. For instance, one or two pustules would appear on my hands every few days. On seeing this, I followed Master’s teachings and remind myself to stay firm, as the pustules were false manifestations in order to test my faith in Dafa. The pustules would then quickly disappear. Although my hands were now better, the rest of my body remained the same.

The following weekend, I said to my husband during dinner, “My cultivation has improved, but my scabies is still spreading. I haven't seen any improvement.”

I took a brief look at the rashes on my arm before going to bed and was surprised to find that they had flattened and become dark spots. The same was repeated throughout the rest of my body. I immediately realized that Master was helping me once again and had performed the impossible miracle of healing my scabies within hours.

My scabies disappeared within three months, and I elevated significantly in cultivation while eliminating numerous human attachments along the way.