(Minghui.org) Being tolerant is an admired quality in socialism. It can allow people to live in harmony. However, from the point of view of an everyday person, one has a limited capacity for tolerance. But if one looks at this matter from within the Fa, tolerance is limitless, vast, and boundless. I have some personal experience to share regarding this issue.

One day, while I was being illegally held at a police station, I was summoned to a room with another practitioner. The room was full of police officers who wanted us to listen to our sentences being announced. I was to be sentenced to six years in prison, while she was found to be not guilty and able to return home. The reason for this outcome was because she had told the police about me so that I ended up being arrested, while she ended up being rewarded for her “achievement.”

After they read out the sentences, the officers asked for our signatures, but I refused to sign. On the other hand, that practitioner signed and even put her fingerprint on it. After imprinting her fingerprint, she kept her red finger raised and did not know what to do (perhaps because there was no tissue for her to wipe off her finger). Without much thinking, I took out some tissue from my bag and wiped the red ink off her finger, as she was holding the sentencing document her other hand.

At this time, the police officers seemed to obviously straighten their backs and watch us in astonishment. Only then did I realize what was happening. These officers were here for a “show.”

I immediately said to this practitioner, “Go home with ease and remember that my path is being arranged by Master, not you. You do not have the capability to arrange my path of cultivation, so do not let your mind think about this matter negatively. As the weather is very cold, leave your blanket and clothes behind for me.” She readily agreed to this, and I could see that she felt guilty about what she had done.

I actually felt more guilty than she did, as I had not learned the Fa properly, and had loopholes in my cultivation. This allowed the old forces to make use of her betrayal, making her say things which she should not have said. This stain on her cultivation path was caused by me, thus I was even more guilty than her.

If I had been diligent in my cultivation such that there were no loopholes, would that practitioner have been used like this? Perhaps she would not even have remembered me. This thought came from the Fa. I always think that the relationship between practitioners is one having to do with cultivation instead of friendship. Therefore, there is no such issue as betrayal, but only a matter of how well we have cultivated.

From the point of view of the Fa, there is no issue of tolerance as understood by everyday people in this matter. As I looked within myself, I saw that it was my own problem, so how could I blame others? There is only self-guilt, and there is no issue of forming a barrier between practitioners. In this case, what else can the old forces make use of?

Therefore, from the point of view of the Fa, it is unlimited and vast. Master wanted us to study the Fa well, expand our capacity, and go beyond the sentient mind so as not to be restrained or controlled by the low-level laws of Fa.

This is just my own understanding. If there are any inappropriate points, please correct me!