To the Practitioners of Vietnam

I send my regards to the Falun Gong practitioners of Vietnam.

Cultivation is a process of elevating the soul, and it begins by becoming, bit by bit, a good person, and progressively becoming ever better, such that you become more virtuous than non-practitioners and, ultimately, someone higher. So if people fail to understand you or even if you face any pressure from the government, you shouldn’t take countermeasures like non-practitioners would, and should clarify things to people with kindness.

Ever since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong, it has been painting itself into a corner owing to pressure both internally as well as internationally. And persecuting spiritual believers has pushed its regime to the brink of collapse. CCP special agents who have infiltrated the Vietnamese government have, in order to shift the pressure away, used money, diplomatic means, and business interests to persuade the government to suppress Falun Gong practitioners. It has done this in hopes of shifting the attention of the international community and mitigating the pressure it has brought upon itself by persecuting Falun Gong in China. So our practitioners in Vietnam should maintain their composure during this unusual time, and for now not engage in large-scale activities meant to raise awareness—much less take countermeasures. Cultivation is about working on oneself, after all, and removing attachments, so for the time being you can study the Fa and do the exercises mainly on your own, and not organize large group-study sessions or exercises. Don’t let any lies from the media agitate or provoke you. Just quietly observe things. If anyone tries to stir things up, there are problems on that person’s part! Be sure to keep this in mind.

Looked at from another angle, the fact that the CCP was able to launch its persecution of Falun Gong was due to the accumulation of massive amounts of evil entities and karma, simply hordes of evil things, in other dimensions over the course of the ages. And it is those things that have been using the CCP to attack Falun Gong practitioners, which has made circumstances so incredibly strained for us. But as higher beings see it, it was only inevitable that those evil things would resist being eliminated, as was fated, during the cosmos’s purification. So they caused the tremendous pressure in the human world, and especially in China, for all lives as well as practitioners, and brought about the chaotic and degenerate phenomena that have appeared in society. The evil specter of Chinese communism alone cannot account for all this; righteous gods would have destroyed it the moment it started to persecute spiritual cultivators. Now, with the persecution having gone on for nearly twenty years, that accumulation of evil things has been wiped out. And the evil specter that is Chinese communism is likewise in the final stage of being annihilated. It’s not possible for anyone to again launch something like the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong, as the evil factors in other dimensions are gone; human beings couldn’t do anything like that without the support of massive evil forces.

Zhen, Shan, and Ren—being genuine, kind, and composed—are universal values recognized by everyone, and only stand to benefit any people or nation. Even if you do meet with persecution, you should still handle everything with the benevolence of someone on the spiritual path. As a steadfast practitioner you can, just by not letting anything affect you, prevail over any situation.

Li Hongzhi


November 27, 2018

(Translation by Team Yellow)