(Minghui.org) Since Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) was introduced to the public in 1992 by its founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, millions have benefited from the self-cultivation practice. They have not only improved their moral standards but also recovered from serious illnesses. Some even recovered from late-stage cancer soon after they started to practice.

I have witnessed two such examples.

Recovery from Late-Stage Uterine Cancer

Ms. Su lives in the next village. She was diagnosed with late-stage uterine cancer in 2010, and the doctors told her that it could not be cured. Her family had already arranged for her funeral. Su used to practice Falun Gong but stopped after the Chinese Communist Party began persecuting it in July 1999.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zheng dreamt about Su three times and thought that they were hints from Master Li to ask her to help her.

Ms. Zheng went to see her four times, but Su refused to let her in. The third time, she even swore at Ms. Zheng.

Ms. Zheng didn't want to give up and decided to go to see Su again, but this time she took an elderly practitioner with her.

“Our coming to see you is good for you,” the elderly practitioner said. “It's good for your body if you continue to do the exercises. What are you afraid of? Look at your sister-in-law. How serious was her illness? But she's recovered now through practicing. Why don't you continue?”

Su didn't think that anyone else was still practicing Falun Gong and that many had had their illnesses cured through practicing. So she decided to pick up cultivation again.

She began to improve the following day after studying the Dafa teachings and doing the exercises. Her face became rosy on the third day, and the cancer was completely gone on the fifth day.

As she has continued to study the Fa and do the exercises, hair has started to grow again on her bald head, and she has also started working again.

Su's story has spread throughout the surrounding villages. Lots of people now believe that Falun Dafa is good and not like the propaganda spread by the Communist Party.

Falun Dafa Saves My Relative from Death's Door

My daughter-in-law's uncle had heart disease and needed emergency care three times a day. He was only in his 40s and the father of three. His wife was very worried about him and decided to take him to Beijing for treatment in April 2008.

His wife hired four strong men to go with them in case her husband died on the way; they could help bring his body back to their hometown.

The doctor told the couple that his heart had failed and that the only way he could be saved was to get a heart transplant. However, they couldn't afford it.

My daughter-in-law told her aunt that I used to have many ailments but recovered after practicing Falun Dafa. After hearing my story, her uncle decided to learn it.

I was very pleased to hear that and gave them all my Dafa books and exercise video. They soon realized that Falun Dafa could save him, so they went home.

I heard good news just two weeks later. My daughter-in-law's uncle had returned to work! Ten years have now passed, and he is still very healthy. I witnessed another of Dafa's miracles!