(Minghui.org) Mr. Zheng Jucheng, in his 70s, from Anshun City, Guizhou Province, was sentenced to two years in prison in early 2018 after being illegally detained for 10 months. Mr. Zheng had bruises and bloody marks all over his body from being beaten in Duyun Prison.

Mr. Zheng was reported and arrested when he distributed Falun Gong materials in the townships in Puding County on April 30, 2017. He was initially held in the Puding County Detention Center and then transferred to the Rehabilitation Center of Puding County People's Hospital. According to detention center guards, the rehabilitation center is affiliated with the detention center. After 10 months of detention, Mr. Zheng was given a two-year prison term. He was taken to Duyun Prison in early 2018, shortly before the Chinese New Year in mid-February.

Guards Xiao Jian and Wang Shijun instructed inmate Tian Jiankun to monitor practitioners. Tian specifically targeted Mr. Zheng and came up with all types of torture.

Mr. Zheng became paralyzed on one side of his body and was taken to the prison hospital. He was later transferred to the Guizhou Police Hospital.

Ma Kaiyou and Chen Fangke, two other inmates assigned to monitor practitioners, took orders from Xiao and Wang to abuse Mr. Zheng for a month. In the Duyun Prison Hospital, inmates took turns torturing Mr. Zheng, with Ma and Chen being the most cold-blooded.

The inmates slandered and cursed Mr. Zheng. They poked him in the eyes with their fingers, pinched and stabbed his nose and ears with toothpicks, pinched his nipples, slapped him in the face, punched and kicked him, and hit him in the testicles. Mr. Zheng was pushed to the verge of death.

To cover up their brutal acts, the guards made up lies and instructed inmates to repeat the same story. They also lied to the public, claiming that Mr. Zheng was a follower of some other sect.

We call upon people of justice around the world to pay attention to Mr. Zheng's plight, to extend their support, and to rescue him from further inhuman torture.