(Minghui.org) A few months ago, Mei (alias) said she knew a “highly enlightened” practitioner named Ying (alias) in another province who helped her by looking at her cultivation environment.

During a recent Fa study gathering, Mei suggested that we increase the length of time we sent forth righteous thoughts. The other practitioners liked her suggestion. But then she explained that Ying suggested it because she saw something in our area that was interfering with us.

Master has told us to send forth righteous thoughts. But now it sounded like Ying was the one who was telling us to send forth righteous thoughts.

Mei kept saying that Ying was “highly enlightened” and that articles about what she had seen were published on the Minghui website.

The Minghui website is a platform where practitioners can share their understandings of the Fa. As long as it has a positive effect, the article can be published. However, the articles reflect practitioners' different cultivation states and thus aren't always of high levels.

After I read several articles about “highly enlightened” persons on the Minghui website, I realized that “Highly Enlightened” does not mean that one has a “high cultivation level.”

No matter how high a level one has cultivated to, the Fa is our guide and we should not insist that other practitioners accept or depend on that person's understandings of the teachings or what he or she might have seen in other dimensions.

If you notice that a practitioner needs to improve in a certain area, you should simply point it out by reminding them what Master's teaching is and then telling them what your understanding is. This way, the practitioner is following the Fa and Master instead of following you, a person who is also practicing cultivation.

These are my limited understandings. Please kindly correct me if it does not conform to the Fa.