(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to start practicing Falun Dafa in the summer of 1996. Looking back, I encountered many tribulations since I did not know how to cultivate. Each step that I went through from not knowing how to cultivate to rationally understanding the Fa was filled with danger.

But, as a Dafa practitioner, I have firm faith in Dafa. With Master's compassionate care and hint, I avoided the wrong path.

When I was able to truly understand the Fa, I experienced the infinite beauty of cultivation and the privilege of being a Dafa practitioner.

Eliminating the Attachment of Anxiety

I started to memorize Zhuan Falun in October 2003, as I wanted to let every cell of my body remember and live in accordance with the Fa. I was able to recite the Fa fluently by 2007. But when reciting the Fa, I was anxious in my heart and recited very fast. Once a sentence was finished, I quickly started the next sentence. I did that to prevent my mind from being distracted. Gradually it became natural to me.

Not long ago, I needed to work with a practitioner who I was not very familiar with. When communicating with her, my attachment of anxiety was fully revealed. The fellow practitioner was calm. But the pace of my speaking was so fast that what I said was difficult to catch. What was happening now? I could not find the answer.

Every morning I often quickly recited one lecture of the Fa, and went out to clarify the truth in the afternoon. My attachment of anxiety became stronger and stronger which started to impact my truth clarification. I knew the attachment of anxiety was not me. I did not want it. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it, but I did not succeed. I needed to correct this, so I begged Master to give me a hint.

One day, I was reading a Minghui journal. There was a sharing experience by a practitioner about memorizing the Fa with a calm mind. By comparing myself with the author, I recognized my problem.

Thus, when I was memorizing the Fa, I tried my best to suppress the attachment of anxiety. I told myself, “When I memorize the Fa or read it, I will try to do it with a calm mind and not speed.”

I experienced the calmness in my mind and made fewer mistakes. I felt enveloped by energy. One day I felt a warm current passing through my heart, something that had not happened before.

Gradually, my mind became calmer. When encountering problems, I was not moved anymore. It is very important to study the Fa with a calm mind. I went through such a big detour to realize it.

Good Health Is the Best Truth

My 90-year-old mother passed away during the winter of 2015. I went to my hometown and met many local villagers. Many could not recognize me. I used to be sick. After 20 years, I should have been worse. However, I was healthy and full of energy. This was a great help when clarifying the truth.

My aunt obtained Dafa and was given Zhuan Falun at the same time I did. But, she was skeptical about some of Master’s Fa teachings. After the onset of the persecution of Dafa on July 20, 1999, she gave up the practice. Her son was a government employee and she feared that he would be implicated by her. When seeing me again, she decided to resume cultivation.

It was the best testimony that “Falun Dafa is good.” My changes directly exposed the lies.

Clarifying the Truth

Master said that practitioners should clarify the truth again and again. I followed Master's teachings. Whether I was walking, shopping, waiting for the bus, working, meeting neighbors, taking the train; as long as I was in contact with others, I would look for opportunities to clarify the truth.

After suing Jiang Zemin in 2015, I was arrested by the police. At the police station, a deputy director questioned me why I practiced Falun Dafa. I replied that it was to get rid of illnesses.

“Falun Dafa requires that one improves ones xinxing. If a person's morality is good, the person's body will be healthy.” An officer recorded what I said.

On a snowy winter day, I met a pedestrian. I took out the only Nine Commentaries disc in the bag and gave it to him. He asked if it was to do with Falun Dafa, and I said yes.

He told me that he was in charge of the region where I lived. So I told him, “Well, you said that you are so and so. If you did not meet me today, who else would dare to tell you the truth? You must remember this snowy day. You do not have to practice Falun Dafa. But, do not object to it.

He told me that he had no objection to Dafa. So, I told him about the self-immolation lies and the history of the Party killing people. He nodded. When I inquired about helping him withdraw from the Party and its youth organization he hesitated and kept silent. I realized that he was concerned.

I told him that I met some police officers who quit the Party, but some did not. He asked for their names, and I told him that I would not reveal their names. He decided to quit the Party.

A majority of people are willing to listen and accept the truth about Dafa. I have also encountered people who knew the truth. When they see the Dafa materials, they would say “Falun Dafa is good!”

The reason that I was able to clarify the truth was because Master was by my side and I was safe. I know that people that I meet are those who were arranged by Master to meet me. On the surface, I am doing it. However, in fact, it was done by Master.