(Minghui.org) I was born in the 1980s. With my mother's guidance, I started to practice Falun Dafa when I was a child. I’ve since stayed firm in my faith.

Memories of My Childhood

I had been diagnosed with a blood disease when I was a child. My mother took me to doctors in various hospitals. Blood testing, injections, and medications became part of my life. I often watched other children play and did not understand how they could be so healthy.

When I was nine years old, my mother came down with a serious illness. She vomited and had headaches. She visited many hospitals but didn't get any better. She was told that her illness did not cause death, although it would bring suffering throughout her live.

We were not well off financially, so my father went out of town to earn more money. Thus, I took responsibility for our home. I had to go to the hospital for different tests and treatments without my mother. I took care of my mother and did the grocery shopping and other chores.

I soon learned to lie, curse others, become jealous, and steal. I felt I was the most unlucky person in the world and didn't know what I was living for.

Childhood Wish Comes True

One of my relatives introduced Falun Dafa to my mother when I was 13 years old. She tried twice before to commit suicide, but she no longer had such thoughts. Then she asked me to practice Falun Dafa with her because it gave her hope. Without understanding what I was getting into, I agreed to practice Dafa. I practiced the exercises and read the Dafa books with my mother every night.I followed Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance from that day onward. I then began looking within during times of conflict and found where I fell short. I learned to apologize to people and no longer found fault with my classmates. I became tolerant and considerate. I felt that Master was with me at all times.

Master said:

“With a change in character will come a significant change in your body; physical changes in your body are guaranteed to accompany positive changes in your mind.” (Zhuan Falun)

My immune system became stronger and I no longer needed any medicine. My life experienced a fundamental change. I became very healthy and my childhood wish had come true.

My mother also recovered from her illnesses after she practiced Falun Dafa for only 20 days. Her story spread far and wide in our area, and so many people came to learn the practice. We studied the Fa and practiced the exercises together.

We cultivated our hearts and looked within during times of conflict. Everyone considered other people's needs first, and my little town became harmonious.

Good Demeanor

During my school holidays, I worked in a restaurant. I often helped the staff in the kitchen after work, and I helped clean the floor, wash vegetables, and deliver the take-out orders. I displayed the demeanor of a practitioner.

My landlady was impressed with my optimistic character. She found me a job in a large beauty agency as a cashier when I was 15 years old. One day I found 500 yuan and turned it over to my boss. He said that among all the cashiers, he trusted me the most.

I later accepted the job of a wedding planner and makeup artist at a local wedding agency. It was a challenging job, as I came across all sorts of people. In such a big company there were fights for personal benefits and interests among the staff.

Master said:

“But in our practice, for all of us who are still part of this world, we strive to lead lives that are as normal as possible while going about our spiritual practice, and so you aren’t asked to give up anything in a material sense. You can enjoy a high-power position or be extremely wealthy as long as you aren’t attached to it, as that’s what is key for us.” (Zhuan Falun)

It was easy for me to let go of personal interests. I apologized if other staff and I misunderstood each other and I reminded myself to let go of the pursuit of personal interest. I often helped colleagues achieve their work goals, and we became good friends. I was awarded “Best Employee” among the over 100 employees in our company for two consecutive years.

After I established my own business, I ensured that my business partner did not suffer any losses that I could help. I provided high-quality services and used high-end products. I talked to my clients about the pros and cons of the services. They felt my sincerity, kindness, and calm demeanor. People really trusted me.

I often talked to my clients about Falun Dafa and our Master. They were touched and most of them withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

Among my clients, there were public servants, teachers, police officers, businessmen, movie stars, singers, and radio hosts. Many introduced their friends to me. Some of them reminded me to be careful, while others told me that their families or relatives practiced Falun Dafa.

Positive Changes in People

A friend who was a lay Buddhist visited many temples to find true teachings and masters. She became discouraged after she saw that temples made money using the monks and nuns. She didn't get any true teachings but instead, her body was affected, and she talked nonsense from time to time and could not control herself.

I often told her about Falun Dafa. She read Zhuan Falun and was amazed by how profound it was. She soon started to practice Dafa, and her husband also began to practice after he witnessed her changes.

Another friend became depressed because of family conflicts. She was not able to sleep for half a month, so I recommended that she read Zhuan Falun. She slept the first night after she read the book, and her husband soon began to also practice.

A client of mine wanted to kill her husband and then commit suicide because he abused her. She listened to Master Li's (the founder) audio lectures and started to practice Falun Dafa. She said that Falun Dafa helped her let go of her hatred.

Another friend who had her own business was lost in the material world. She felt empty inside, although she was rich. After she saw so many practitioners around her maintain their health, optimism, and peace of mind, she too began to practice and let go of many bad habits.

My husband started to practice Falun Dafa when he witnessed my sincere kindness. My mother-in-law tried to persuade him to divorce me because I practiced Dafa, but now she recites “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” for an hour every day.