(Minghui.org) When I was 26 years old, I developed aseptic necrosis of the femoral head because of a previous injury that happened on the job. Although I took herbal medicines and had dry needling, nothing made it better.

One doctor recommended traction. To save money, he suggested that I have the treatments at home. We decided to try it. During that time, I lay in bed while my wife took care of me and everything else. I secretly cried many times, hoping I would recover quickly. After two months of treatment, however, the condition didn't improve.

One doctor took an X-ray and said that only artificial joint replacement surgery could alleviate the symptoms. An artificial joint could last for 5 to 10 years, which meant that I would require surgery every 5 or 10 years. My wife didn't agree that I should have the surgery and said we should see different doctors in different cities to find a better treatment. If there were really no better way, then I would have the surgery.

Then we heard about a famous bone hospital. As a last hope, I went and started the 10-month treatment. Every day, I took lots of herbal medicine. Then I developed some problem with my intestines, and I had frequent and severe pain. I thought maybe I had been stricken with some new disease. I was so scared that I didn't dare continue taking the herbal medicine.

Another X-ray revealed that the neck of my femur was decayed and deformed. All hope of a recovery was gone. At that time, my family was busy while I stayed in the hospital by myself. I was the only one who knew about my condition. I didn't want to undergo any more treatments. And since I wasn't able to work or support my family, there was no purpose to my life. I would only make others suffer more. I thought about suicide.

When I returned home, I didn't want my parents or wife to worry about me, so I didn't tell them about the hopeless condition of my bones. I only told them I felt much better. I threw away my canes and pretended that I was well. I no longer cared about whether my movements placed a burden on my legs. Sometimes, I even dragged myself to work in the fields. Every step caused sharp pain, and I didn't know how much longer I could keep up the charade.

At the end of 1998, I fortunately started practicing Falun Dafa. I didn't expect my condition to disappear because of Dafa; I just felt that Dafa was good and felt lucky to be able to read such great Dafa in my lifetime. After about two months, I noticed one day that my legs no longer hurt. After suffering torment and agony for several years, and giving up all hope of recovery, I really was well.

No words could express my excitement. I cried from the bottom of my heart, “Thank you, Master, for saving me. Thank you for giving me a healthy body and saving my family.”

In rural areas, people often have conflicts over the borders of their fields. After I became a Falun Dafa practitioner, I never fought with my neighbors, nor did I believe that I would eventually lose all my land if I let others encroach on mine.

Sometimes, my mother worried that I would have less and less land, so she criticized me for not fighting back when a border was in dispute. I talked with her about xinxing and ancient stories about people showing courtesy to solve disputes regarding neighboring lands. She didn't worry about it after that.

In my village, people asked me to help them with their weddings or funerals because I was honest and didn’t talk a lot. They knew I was honorable, and at the same time, they all thought Dafa was good and wanted to have Dafa keepsakes. Some people even came to my house to get one.

Later I found a job and always kept in mind that I was a practitioner. I never competed for profit and I did the work that nobody else wanted to do, even though it was dirty or tiring. And I didn't resent people no matter how poorly they treated me.

Today, my coworkers all know I am a practitioner and that Dafa is good. The chief and the manager have said, “Let's find more Falun Dafa practitioners to work here; then we wouldn't have to worry. The only thing we would need to do is tell them how to do the job.”

I am also strict with myself in my daily life. Once I went out for lunch with a coworker and he paid for it. When we got back to work, I wanted to pay for my share, but he said the restaurant owner had charged him 10 yuan less than he should have. Even though 10 yuan is not much, I felt it was not appropriate that someone else would lose at my expense. A Dafa disciple should be a good person wherever he is and shouldn't be greedy.

I didn't say anything to my coworker. I just returned the money to the restaurant owner. I talked with him about it and he was touched. Amazed, he said, “I didn't know there were any good people left in the world.” I told him the facts about Dafa, and many others also heard what I said. I wanted to let them know what kind of people Dafa disciples are.

Since I started practicing Falun Dafa, I’ve had good health and a happy family. I also understand the meaning of life and have been walking on the most sacred path of cultivation.