(Minghui.org) The Minhou County Court held a secret hearing for a 44-year-old woman in Fujian Province on September 26, 2018, for distributing materials about her faith, Falun Gong. The judge didn't inform her family members or ask her whether she had a lawyer to represent her.

Ms. Wu Yingxiang from Fuzhou City was arrested on May 2, 2018, when she was distributing Falun Gong materials near a university. A student reported her to the police and officers from Hetang Police Station arrested her.

Without a search warrant, the police ransacked her home and confiscated her Falun Gong books, pamphlets, computer, printer, and 5,000 yuan in cash.

She was taken to Fuzhou City No.2 Detention Center on May 3 and her case was approved on May 24.

Her family hired a lawyer for her only after finding out about the secret hearing. The lawyer submitted a written request to the court and procuratorate on September 29, demanding that they drop her case and release her, as her freedom of belief and expression should be protected by law, instead of becoming the reason for her to be persecuted.