(Minghui.org) When my wife was illegally arrested and detained, many selfless Falun Gong practitioners went with me to the police station, police department, Civil Complaints Office, and forced labor camp to help me gain her release. They endured tremendous stress and risked being arrested.

Although the rescue failed, I am still grateful to everyone. I have helped local Dafa practitioners since my wife was released from the labor camp. I have gone through many ups and downs and many sleepless nights.

I have no regret of helping practitioners even though I may face difficulties and obstacles in the future. I am willing to work hard for their freedom.

Helping Families of Arrested Practitioners

Actually, my options to help rescue arrested practitioners were limited. To comfort those relatively vulnerable families, I shared my experiences from when my practitioner wife was arrested, detained, and harassed. I encouraged them to keep their heads up.

I told them to dress properly, argue their cases righteously, study the relevant laws, and be kind when dealing with the police. I advised them not to give in to any demands. If they did, the police not only would look down on them but also persecute their families and practitioners more intensively.

I told them how I dealt with the police. I am an introverted person. I was scared when I argued with the police–my palms would sweat constantly, but I pretended to be calm and brave.

On one occasion, I scolded a tall policeman when he refused to let me see my wife, who was illegally detained. I shouted at him, “The law gives me the right to family visits!”

I expected to meet with stormy fists from him. Instead, he looked astounded and then politely explained, “It is no use to scold me. It was not my decision.”

In every letter I wrote to my wife, I always added a short poem or something encouraging at the end and folded the letter in the shape of a heart. A prison guard was moved by my true love for her. When my letter arrived, she would immediately tell my wife that she had received a letter from her family. My wife told me that one inmate read my letter and cried because she also had a feeling of warmth and happiness.

A protest outside of the prison always lessens the persecution inside. My wife said that because of my persistent protests, the atmosphere in the prison was less tense, and she was treated more kindly than others.

I encouraged the victims’ families to come out and protest the persecution and agreed to participate in their activities.

Protesting Outside the Brainwashing Center

I went with practitioners to an area that had become globally known for persecuting practitioners. It was a snowy day, and the ground was iced up like a mirror. However, the weather did not intimidate us.

Different opinions arose once we arrived in the area. Some people wanted to send righteous thoughts right on the spot, while others wanted to do it at a brainwashing center in a remote location. It was difficult to come to a decision.

Although I was not a Falun Dafa practitioner, I still felt obligated to bring them back home safely. For safety reasons, I decided that we go together to the brainwashing center.

Lawyers, practitioners, and the families of arrested practitioners were there when we arrived. The families were protesting because they had been denied family visits. We shouted loudly until nightfall. It was about the time that people got off work.

To make us end the protest, the brainwashing center had the power supply bureau turn off the street lights. We thus had to leave the site reluctantly.

Several police cars approached the site when we were leaving. Under the protection of Master, the founder of Falun Gong, we left safely. We also safely passed a checkpoint on the way home and escaped a patrol car, which followed us.

After the police car turned away, my palms and back were wet from sweat.

I said to the practitioners, “A clenched fist always has more strength. In a difficult circumstance like today, we should not be selfish and become distracted.”