(Minghui.org) The 2018 European Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference took place in Prague on September 29. The number of attendees totaled over 1,500, and many were from France. They shared how they benefited from the simple and genuine speeches. Speakers came from different countries and from all walks of life. A common theme connected their experiences: elevating their character by adhering to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Marie (right) and Anida (left)

Marie from French Guadeloupe traveled a long way to this year's conference. She has been cultivating for five years. “I am completely energized after this Fa conference. I feel that I'm truly part of a one-body with other practitioners. The tribulations others shared were mine, too. It was very helpful.”


Beatrice from France said that she was very touched by the conference, “This is an outstanding conference! Every sharing was so good. The speakers told me through their experiences: stop looking outward and blaming others.”

“The speakers were so genuine. They were brave to speak about their jealousy. They identify their own problems when they encounter problems. It's quite difficult for me to look inward,” she added.

“The cultivation opportunities exist for us among practitioners and also in our daily life. This is the uniqueness of our cultivation. If we pay attention, we can have many cultivation opportunities every day.”

She said that the sharing from the 16-year-old boy from Sweden left her with a deep impression, “I was very touched. He told us how he clarified the facts to his peers and obtained the best student scholar at the year-end. I can tell that our paths have been arranged and that we need to abandon fear. We are oftentimes creating barriers for ourselves.”


“I felt that all sharing spoke directly to me,” said Visuddha. “In each activity, fellow practitioners displayed humility. They were filled with the drive to fulfill their missions wholeheartedly. They looked inward and they inspired me. This encouraged me to do more and do better. I should always make sure that my mind is righteous.”

He said that his motivation was reactivated. “I like to be with fellow practitioners. I'm so moved by them. I feel that I'm with people who I like, but I don't necessarily know them. A force connects us beyond words and the superficial. I'm deeply moved.”

Visuddha sometimes has conflicts with other practitioners. “I thought of my conflicts during the conference. We encourage everyone to be more independent, but we should look inward and maintain a joyful and light heart.”


“This was my first time being so moved by so many speeches! Every sharing touched me deeply, especially the 16-year-old practitioner from Sweden. My own experience is that the time that we cannot look inward is the time that we haven't studied the Fa enough,” said Sami.

“We can only look inward if we melt into the Fa. Otherwise, it's impossible. I can clearly feel that my cultivation has been superficial. I have cultivated for 10 years, but haven't been able to do the three things well. I have obtained such a precious Dafa, but my cultivation has only scratched the surface. I haven't melted into the Fa yet.”

Sami described his experience at the conference as being bathed in clear air which made him feel great and encouraged him.