(Minghui.org) I have attended many small Fa-study groups and met a lot of Dafa practitioners who have expressed different thoughts. Thinking back over these encounters, I wonder if we are keeping up with Master’s Fa-rectification process despite the time remaining being very pressing. I am thus writing down the scenes that I have seen many times in dreams as a wake-up call for fellow practitioners.

Dream 1: People are inside a large examination hall taking a test, but many people are simply passing around and copying from the same exam paper in a systematic, orderly manner.

As a cultivator, I enlightened that the exam paper that was being copied in the dream had the same tone and behavior as our local coordinator. Many practitioners take our local coordinator as their role model, copy the coordinator, and even defend one another in doing so. Over time, this has become a typical case of people learning from a role model instead of from the Fa.

Master mentioned in one of his earlier lectures,

“I can't meet with every student, especially with the current situation in Mainland China. And under these circumstances where our students aren't able to see me, they can't come find Master whenever there's an issue, so they can only take the Fa as the Master.” (“Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.” from Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. II)

Under such circumstances, their behavior runs counter to Master’s teaching to “...take the Fa as the Master.”

Because these practitioners are trapped in human emotion, though they seem to be cultivating, they have not really let go of their attachments. Without changing themselves and letting go of attachments, how can they elevate in cultivation?

For example, a situation occurred when a local coordinator moved overseas but remained in contact with our local practitioners. This coordinator participated in a truth-clarification project with overseas practitioners that met with some difficulties and required additional funds. The coordinator told our local practitioners about the problem by sending a letter in the mail. Hearing that the fellow practitioner was facing difficulties, everyone in the local group contributed thousands of dollars to help the coordinator. These funds were then transferred overseas by a practitioner appointed to do so by the coordinator.

The practitioners involved in this matter still have not enlightened to the problems caused by their actions. Some practitioners contributed money out of friendship but then realized the problem after sharing with other practitioners and asked for their money back. Some could not understand whether it was right or wrong, so they reported the matter to Minghui.org. Some practitioners not only gave money but even put in good words for the money-collecting practitioner and the coordinator who went overseas, saying that the funds were all given voluntarily by practitioners. Minghui.org replied that this is a form of collecting funds and a serious case of causing disturbance to the Fa. The coordinator who went overseas then corrected himself, saying that the practitioners voluntarily wanted to lend or give money. He is even investigating to find out who reported the issue to Minghui.org.

No matter what he says, his words and actions have nevertheless deviated from the Fa. Despite ample time being given to him, he did not make use of this chance to cultivate himself. He will therefore be held accountable for this mistake. Mistakes create karma, and karma needs to be repaid. Isn’t this creating difficulties for oneself? It not only creates difficulties for one’s own cultivation and affects the salvation of sentient beings but also obstructs Master’s Fa-rectification. As practitioners, how are we to show our respect for and trust in Master and the Fa?

Dream 2: In a very large and spacious place, many beautiful houses have been built. However, people are in deep sleep on the ground outside rather than resting inside the houses.

As a cultivator, I enlightened that many of us are not genuine cultivators and have not awakened from being lost among the illusions of everyday people. These practitioners have forgotten their long-cherished wish for coming to this world and their real homes. They place great value on fame, personal gain, and emotion rather than on the Fa. Some went traveling overseas on vacation, some appeared to be suffering from sickness karma as a result of being plagued by their unemployed adult children, some are still playing mahjong, and so on.

Dream 3: In the vast universe, grand, majestic palaces with dazzling décor, layers upon layers, are filled with people, but the position in the center remains empty.

From the perspective of a cultivator, I enlightened that Master has pushed all of us up to the positions we originally came from. As the Fa-rectification progresses, Master has already created the cosmic celestial system that accords with the requirements of the new universe. Now it is just a matter of waiting for Dafa practitioners in the human world, who still have a surface body that is able to aid Master in saving sentient beings, to complete their cultivation and return to their positions, or that ‘empty position’ which Master has arranged for them.

This is part of the display when Dafa disciples ultimately complete their cultivation. This is also the display of Master bestowing every one of us with his grace and benevolence. It is what Master has been expectantly awaiting. The many living beings in our own cosmic system are also expectantly awaiting their king or lord. Representatives of immeasurable sentient beings from their respective cosmic systems are also expectantly awaiting Dafa practitioners.

Summarizing My Thoughts

Returning to the present, Master’s Fa-rectification is already nearing the very end of the end. The time now is prolonged for us to do the three things well. However, some practitioners still behave and speak with the Chinese Communist Party’s culture, to which they have become accustomed. How will they be able to enlighten to more profound principles of the Fa? It is already hard to consider them practitioners; how are they going to be able to save sentient beings?

Regarding the collection of funds or lending money, these practitioners argue fiercely, pushing the blame on one another, causing local practitioners to distance themselves from one another. For fame, personal gain, and emotion, they are ignoring their responsibility to save the world’s sentient beings and are wasting precious time and energy. These practitioners do not realize this and thus do not think about whether they have sufficient mighty virtue to sit in that “empty seat.” They do not think about how far they are from the required mighty virtue, nor do they think about whether they should be walking along at their current pace or moving more quickly, running, or even sprinting to catch up!

Perhaps the words used here are too grave and the perspective taken to view the problem is insufficiently comprehensive. Perhaps the problems described may even be talking about the writer himself, but they are raised here in the hope of correcting the mistakes. When we meet with problems, it is precisely the time to correct the bad habit of looking or seeking outward. We should all learn to cultivate ourselves and form the habit of cultivating ourselves. We definitely must not forget to cultivate ourselves. When one looks outward, one only wants to change others but does not want to change oneself.