(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises and raised awareness of the persecution in China on a sunny day on September 29, 2018, at Sky City in Auckland. Dressed in yellow T-shirts, the practitioners added a bright hue at the bottom of the Sky Tower.

Falun Gong practitioners demonstrating the group exercises at Sky City

A practitioner teaches the meditation exercise.

Local resident Aimee

“I myself love meditation. It’s so beautiful to see this practice shared in such a public space for people and to feel the calm peaceful energy. What you are doing is something really beautiful here,” commented local resident Aimee. She added that she liked meditation because it makes one feel good and that it naturally reflects out to everyone else.

“I cannot apprehend what it is like for people to go through this persecution,” she said as she learned about the facts of the persecution in China. “I feel compassion to their situation. It’s horrible to think that it is what’s happening to those seeking spiritual growth and that people are being persecuted for it. It’s very courageous that practitioners are speaking out about it.”

“Make it (the persecution) known. Because it’s so secretive, no one knows or is aware of it, especially in China. People should be made aware of the violence that happens all over the world and that’s really important,” Aimee complimented the courage of practitioners. “Keep going! Keep sharing this! It’s going to do great things for people.”

Franci (right)

“The lack of freedom that people have in China breaks my heart,” said Franci, with tears in her eyes. She is from Wellington and studies international history.

“I believe we are all in the same place. China is crucial to what happens in the world. In the next few years, I believe there is a lot of change coming to the planet. And I believe China will be extremely central to that. I pray for peace for your country and healing. I think that the international community needs to know what is happening,” she added.

“I love your principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It is a perfect balance. I pray that nobody will be killed or tortured for wanting them. The world shouldn’t be determined by money. New Zealand should make a stand. It's barbaric. And children’s organs--it just makes me so sick!"

Sofia saw practitioners from the sky tower and was curious.

Sofia approached practitioners because she looked down from the sky tower and “saw these people in yellow and wondered what they were doing.” She does yoga each week and was impressed by the practitioners' ability to concentrate in the noisy city.

As she learned about the persecution and that people were being killed for meditating, she said maybe the persecution was due to the jealousy of the Chinese communist regime of the practice and all its benefits, Sofia commented.