(Minghui.org) I am 57 years old and began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. I would like to share a few stories from telling people about the cultivation practice and its persecution by the Chinese Communist Party.

Quitting the Communist Party

Another practitioner and I spoke to an elderly man. We told him about Dafa and the persecution. He listened attentively and decided to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations as a result.

He told us that his son was a police officer whose job was to carry out the persecution. He also said that there were a lot of plainclothes officers and surveillance cameras around the area, and he cautioned us to pay attention to our safety.

Another time, I met a lady who said she had surgery for an illness, but it didn't help cure her. I told her how practicing Falun Dafa has kept me in full health over the past 19 years. She worked in a government agency and said that her job involved persecuting practitioners. She told me to be careful when talking to people.

I continued to talk to her without any fear. I told her that the “self-immolation” incident on Tiananmen Square was staged by the CCP to incite hatred toward Dafa and that it was perfectly legal to practice Falun Dafa in China.

She told me that she often receives phone calls from practitioners outside of China telling her about the persecution and that she learned a lot from them. I asked her to quit the Party, and she agreed.

Woman Helps Distribute Dafa Materials

I met a woman in her 50s who told me that she had already quit the CCP through her former coworker.

The coworker used to have a temper but completely changed and became more considerate and patient after practicing Falun Dafa. Although this coworker had financial difficulties, she still managed to cover the expenses to make Dafa informational materials out of her own pocket.

After witnessing the positive changes in her coworker, the woman saw practitioners as good people. She soon decided to help her coworker distribute the materials and was happy to do so. Her coworker later moved, and they lost contact. She still has happy memories about that period of time.

Speaking Up for Dafa

I used to have conflicts with a work colleague, but after I began practicing Falun Dafa, I improved my character and no longer had any issues with her. She became supportive of Dafa and often told others positive things about me.

She once saw a police officer arresting and beating up a practitioner. She yelled at the officer, “Leave them alone! They are good people. You are breaking the law for doing this!” She was arrested as a result.

She warned the officers that they would be held accountable for what they did to her. She was later released after it was established that she did not practice Falun Dafa.