(Minghui.org) I often notice concerning similarities with Falun Dafa practitioners who have been tortured while incarcerated. After being released, they suffer physical problems and feelings of depression. They shy away from meeting other practitioners, and they don't want to expose the persecution they have been subjected to.

One of the reasons is that they don't want to recount the terribly cruel experience they went through. They also worry that the perpetrators would seek retaliation.

Perpetrators Fear Exposure

What the evil fears the most is being exposed, because all their means are the most despicable and shameful. That's why they worry about getting phone calls from overseas practitioners telling them that their crimes had been reported to the international community and that they must stop participating in the persecution.

I have heard several police officers say that they constantly receive calls by overseas Falun Dafa practitioners.

One particular policeman who actively persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners always used a pseudonym. His colleagues also called him by that fictitious name in front of others in order to help him cover up his crimes. They are afraid of being found out and know that what they have done is wicked.

We managed to find out this policeman's real name and exposed his crimes online. It stopped him from further persecuting practitioners. It also confirmed that the most effective way to restrain and eliminate the evil is to expose it.

Master said,

“Exposing the wicked policemen and bad persons and publicizing their evil deeds is extremely effective at shocking and restraining those irrational, wicked people. At the same time, by clarifying the facts to the people on a local level it most directly exposes, and generates public awareness of, the wicked persecution. It is also a great way to save the people who have been poisoned and deceived by the lies. I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in mainland China will do this well.” (Comment on a Student’s Article from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Volume III)
“The actions they are now adopting in the persecution of Dafa and its students are extremely evil and shameful, and they fear these will be exposed. You must let the world’s people know about their evilness—this is saving people, as well. While eliminating the evil, you consummate yourselves and strengthen the Fa’s manifestation in the world.” (Rationality from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Thinking Based on the Fa

All too often, practitioners have followed human notions and viewed things in “logical” ways instead of thinking about issues based on the Fa.

We thought that exposing the evil would certainly invite retaliation and thus deter practitioners from stepping forward to expose the persecution. This is exactly what the old forces want us to think. Thinking this way is accepting and recognizing the persecution.

When I was held in a detention center, I witnessed a guard order a wicked inmate to beat a practitioner. While beating the practitioner, the inmate asked him, “Have I beaten you?” The beating continued until the answer was “no.”

When the practitioner being beaten shouted and resisted, the inmates often panicked and were afraid others would hear what was going on.

Practitioners who held the most fear while imprisoned were often persecuted the worst. The old forces take advantage of this loophole to escalate the tribulation, and they use the excuse of helping to get rid of that attachment to fear.

However, practitioners who exposed the persecution are not harassed when they are released because the police are afraid of having their crimes exposed.

Leaving No Room for Evil to Exist

Some practitioners' bad thoughts and behaviors that have deviated from the Fa are also taken advantage of by the old forces. If we treat these bad thoughts as our own, hide them and don't speak about them, it's equivalent to breeding and shielding the demons, and it will result in failing to eliminate them.

We have to catch the evil that attempts to control us. We must reject it and eliminate it with righteous thoughts and actions. It's the only way to show the mighty power of Dafa and leave no room for the evil to hide or exist.