(Minghui.org) Ms. Song Sijuan, the daughter of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Song Xiandong, lives with her family in Yuanbao Town, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Ms. Song signed up via telephone to participate in the “7th International Chinese Vocal Competition” hosted by NTD Television in July 2018. She was accepted to the competition, and was to fly to New York to attend the event on September 26.

On the day before her departure, she and her mother were out of the house when officers from the Chifeng City and Yuanbaoshan District Police Departments broke into their home and arrested her father. The police promised to release Mr. Song on the condition that family members reveal the whereabouts of Ms. Song and her mother.

The police also ransacked Ms. Song's home and confiscated her travel documents for the trip abroad, her real estate license, their household registration, the invitation letter from the competition sponsors, and a 200,000 yuan deposit certificate.

A computer, printer, Falun Dafa books, photos of the founder of Falun Dafa, and other personal belongings were also taken.

The Chifeng City Police Department has dispatched a large number of police officers to track down Ms. Song and her mother.

Ms. Song and her family have not broken any laws. We call upon people around the world who uphold justice to bring attention to Ms. Song's plight.

Parties involved in the persecution:Yu Hai (于海), chief, Chifeng City Police Department: +86-476-8333152Zhao Jiannan (赵剑南), deputy chief: +86-476-8342200, +86-15904762200, +86-13304762200Xu Baofang (徐宝芳), deputy chief: +86-476-8823508, +86-13704769955, +86-13354760111Bai Feng (白峰), deputy chief: +86-8825066, +86-13804768385, +86-13947655110Yin Jinglin (伊景林), deputy chief: +86-476-8838300, +86-15104763456Dai Yingtang (戴英堂), deputy chief: +86-476-8380511, +86-13847969988