(Minghui.org) Life is never short of miracles if the mind is open and embraces the possibilities that are available.

I received a call from my brother-in-law one day in 2014. He told me that my sister was hospitalized and was about to have surgery.

My younger sister and I rushed to her home in another province. We brought very important gifts for her—Falun Dafa books.

When we arrived at the hospital, my sister was emaciated and very weak. My brother-in-law, a doctor, took us away from her bed and said to us very pessimistically, “Something is growing in her stomach, and it's very likely a tumor.”

My brother-in-law had two young patients at his hospital last year who were also diagnosed with stromal tumors. Both had surgery to remove the tumor, but neither survived.

I suggested that he ask my sister to learn Falun Dafa. He didn't object, so I talked to my sister, and she agreed.

This wasn't the first time that I asked her to learn Dafa. Because of the persecution and the Communist Party’s propaganda against Falun Dafa, my sister didn't believe the health benefits of practicing Dafa even though she had seen real examples in me and our mother.

This time, with the hard reality of cancer facing her, she agreed to try. My younger sister and I played Master Li's lectures to her and asked her to recite “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

We told her many stories of people who recovered from incurable diseases after practicing Dafa. My sister believed us this time, and her condition gradually improved.

When it was time for her surgery, I said to her, “You will be alright if you truly believe in Dafa.”

During the surgery, my brother-in-law was so nervous that he almost collapsed. I knew that my sister would be fine.

A few days after the surgery, a pathological analysis of the tumor indicated that the tissue was benign. It was not cancer. Her doctor was really confused because he was sure that she had cancer.

After my sister left the hospital, my sister and I studied Zhuan Falun with her and taught her the exercises. We left her with a copy of Zhuan Falun and then returned home.

Master Saved Her the Second Time

At first, my sister read the book and did the exercises on her own. Her determination to practice didn't last very long, and she went back to doing physical exercises.

My brother-in-law called me again, asking me to come. He didn't tell me what had happened this time, but from his voice, I knew it was something urgent and major.

My younger sister and I took the fast train that afternoon. As soon as we arrived, my brother-in-law told me that my sister had been doing well but started having acute stomach cramps in the past few days. At the hospital, her doctor said it was very severe pancreatitis. She was immediately put in the intensive care unit.

Knowing all the bad possibilities this disease could have, my brother-in-law, a military doctor with years of medical practice, cried desperately.

At the hospital, my sister could hardly recognize us. She was on oxygen support, and her abdomen was badly swollen.

I took out the MP3 player with Master's lectures and placed the earbuds in her ears. “Don't worry,” I said to her. “Let's listen to Master's lectures.” She nodded slightly.

Whenever she was awake, my younger sister and I took turns to play Master's lectures for her. We told her stories from other practitioners. In the evening, I did the exercises by her hospital bed.

My sister's doctor said several times that there wasn't much he could do to save her. Some of my brother-in-law's colleagues suggested that he transfer her to another hospital with better conditions. His insurance wouldn't pay for it, and they may have to pay nearly 2 million yuan in medical expenses even if there was no guarantee of my sister’s recovery.

My brother-in-law and their children were even planning to sell their house in order to pay the medical fees. I knew transferring hospitals could not solve the fundamental issue. I told my brother-in-law that given my sister’s condition, it would be dangerous to transfer her. Knowing her, I thought she probably wouldn't agree that they sell their house to help her treat her disease.

My brother-in-law agreed with me and gave up the idea of transferring my sister to another hospital.

In the next few days, my sister's condition worsened. Fluid accumulated in her abdomen. Her systolic and diastolic pressure almost became the same. She had a high fever. Her doctor added another breathing machine for her, as the original oxygen supply wasn't enough.

After she woke up, she told us that she felt her soul leave her body three times, but each time a force dragged her back.

The doctor and nurses frequently came in and out of her hospital room. Finally, they issued a crisis notice.

I said to my sister, “Don't be afraid. Let's have faith in Master. He will help you.”

I continued to play Master's lectures for her, and she recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.”

Her condition soon had a miraculous turnaround; even the doctor was surprised by how fast she recovered. After staying in intensive care for about 20 days, she was transferred to a general ward.

A nurse told us she had never seen anyone recover from pancreatitis so quickly. A few days later, my sister left the hospital. Both my sister and brother-in-law witnessed the power of Dafa.

After two near-death experiences, my sister was full of gratitude for Dafa and Master for saving her life. She finally made up her mind to practice Dafa. “Now I really understand,” she said.