(Minghui.org) As Falun Dafa practitioners continue their efforts to inform the public of the Chinese communist regime’s illegal persecution of their spiritual faith, more and more people have come to understand that Falun Dafa is nothing like what is depicted by the state propaganda. Below are letters from practitioners in three different provinces.

Shandong Province

I was arrested and sent to a local detention center in March 2017 for talking to people about the persecution of Falun Dafa.

A guard asked me, “Why are you being detained here?” I replied, “Because I practice Falun Dafa.”

A smile appeared on her face, and she concurred, “Falun Dafa is good!”

She was not the only guard that was sympathetic to Falun Dafa practitioners. Days into my detention, another guard told me about her ongoing health challenges. I encouraged her to try Falun Dafa and she said, “I don’t dare to practice it openly. Look, there are surveillance cameras everywhere.” Nonetheless, she knew that Falun Dafa is good and trusted me enough to share her thoughts with me.

Liaoning Province

I went to a bus station to talk to people about Falun Dafa.

When I got on a waiting bus, the driver asked me to give each passenger a set of Falun Dafa informational materials. He also pointed to a younger man next to him, “He’s also a driver. His bus will leave at noon. You don’t want to miss his bus.” The younger man asked for a copy of the materials and began reading it right away. He said to me, “I’m sure you want us to remember Falun Dafa is good, right?”

I said yes, and the two drivers said together loudly, “Falun Dafa is good!”

I visited the bus station again days before the Chinese New Year. Everyone wanted the New Year calendars bearing Falun Dafa messages, and I found that I didn’t have enough to go around.

One passenger said with regret, “I haven’t received a copy yet.” I showed him a picture of the ancient 2.7-billion-year-old stone discovered in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province that is engraved with the words “Chinese Communist Party Perishes.” I urged him and the rest of the passengers to quit the CCP and its subordinate organizations. He took the picture, and six people quit the CCP on the spot.

The bus driver said to me, “Time to depart now. How about you come tomorrow with more materials? I’ll park in the same spot.”

Hebei Province

My uncle is a sanitation worker. He visited me a few days ago and showed me a brochure of Falun Dafa literature he picked up from a trash can. There were a few stains on the cover, but the inside was pretty clean. He told me that he never threw away any Falun Dafa materials and that he passed them out.

My uncle said he knew that Falun Dafa is good even though he is not a practitioner himself.

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