(Minghui.org) Frankly, after working in a truth-clarification project with other Falun Dafa practitioners for a long time, we may begin to feel somewhat numb. However, the way in which we deal with the obstacles that come up is a reflection of our personal cultivation level.

Often, after becoming familiar with the work process, we will immediately jump into the tasks at hand and no longer think with a pure mind like a practitioner should. Under such circumstances, we might easily become anxious when encountering obstacles and focus on attacking the problem instead of looking inward to find the causes inside ourselves.

If, as practitioners, we could realize that looking outward won't help and instead look inward to think about the issue from the standpoint of the Fa, problems can usually be resolved quickly.

If we are strongly stuck in human notions and the issue remains unresolved, we might grow resentful or impatient.

Sometimes, we might have already realized that the problem originates from ourselves but refuse to accept it and continue to attack the problem on the surface. In the end, we'll just lose more time.

Our projects serve one sole purpose: to save people. Participating in a project without a pure mind will discount the project's effectiveness. Working on a project like an everyday person will reduce our level to that of an everyday person. So we will not have mighty virtue. Furthermore, if a practitioner works on a project with a perfunctory attitude, that is disrespectful to the Fa and our mission.

If a practitioner does not cherish him or herself, wastes the opportunities arranged by Master, and even forgets about the mission of saving people, then this practitioner is not cultivating at all.

While dealing with problems, we must realize that this is just a personal cultivation issue.

If I am able to remember that I am a practitioner and think about the problem based on the Fa, the seemingly difficult problem becomes clear, a reasonable solution appears and the efficiency of my work improves.

I understand that the thought of facing a challenge is like a battle between human and divine. If the human side wins, the problem becomes chaotic and complicated. If the divine side wins, the solution will show itself to me and I can easily arrange my tasks based on priority. The results are often better than I expected.

I have also experienced that after rectifying myself based on the Fa and looking back at the process, I can learn a lot from the process.

Facing a problem with a righteous mind, things will be easier. Even though I may still spend the same amount of time and effort, my heart feels satisfied and enriched. Sometimes every cell in my body feels as if filled with energy and I am able to carry out my tasks happily.

Observing fellow practitioners contribute so much to projects and cooperating with each other selflessly, I have seen many shortcomings in myself that I can improve on and human notions that I can let go.

Master has never given up on me, though I have been in low spirits. I have no excuse to not cherish this life and the opportunity to cultivate in Falun Dafa during the final and only Fa-rectification period.

This is my personal understanding; please correct me if anything is inappropriate.