(Minghui.org) More and more prison guards in China are awakening these days. The following incident happened at one detention center.

A Dafa practitioner hired a lawyer to write a defense to appeal for her husband, also a practitioner, who was illegally sentenced and detained. According to regulations, appeals must be submitted to the intermediate courts by a prison guard.

This practitioner asked to meet with a prison guard after she mailed out the statement and the guard happily agreed to talk to her without hesitation. She was astonished at the changes she observed in this guard, who used to be known for being very unfriendly to practitioners and their families.

At her husband's detention center, the guard talked to her politely.

“Look, I stapled your three sets of pleadings neatly. I read the content and understood the facts. I was very moved. The pleadings were well written,” he said.

“Please send them out to the intermediate court for us,” said the practitioner.

The guard replied, “It is better to have the statements arrive at the court sooner. It will take me some time to do it on a bicycle. Why don't you deliver them by yourself? I will take care of your husband here.”

The practitioner immediately clarified the truth to this guard and then turned around to leave. Before arriving at the end of the corridor, she suddenly heard someone shouting “Falun Dafa is good” from behind. She was surprised and looked back. It was this prison guard standing by his office door.

She quickly yelled back, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Bless you!”

The practitioner later spoke with me about the experience.

“I felt that his powerful and solemn words came from the bottom of his heart,” she said. “I was very happy for him. There were several people present, including two other guards, and he was so brave to loudly speak out the kind words. He will surely have a bright future!”