(Minghui.org) I am not a Falun Dafa practitioner. However, I have benefited from Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I am 34-years-old and from Hebei Province. Because my mother is a Dafa practitioner, I got to know about Falun Dafa in my teens. My mom's health was poor before she practiced. For example, she had Meniere's disease, which often prevented her from working. Mom started to practice Falun Dafa in the summer of 1997, and her illnesses soon disappeared.

She has not experienced any kind of illness for the past 20 years and has probably saved hundreds of thousands of yuan in medical expenses for the government.

My mom also asked me to listen to Master Li's Fa lectures and she taught me to practice the exercises. Although I did not continue due to my being busy with school, I made up my mind to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good person.

After I went to a boarding school, my mom was arrested and detained at the detention center for going to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. I had never been apart from my mom before, so I felt especially lost. After I went back to school, I worried about my mom a lot and missed school to visit her at the detention center. For hours, I begged the detention center guards to allow me to visit her, but they still refused.

One month later, my mother was released. I told her that I went to visit her in the detention center, but the guards did not allow me in. My mother said that I was maturing and becoming a man.

My mother has suffered a lot during the 18 years since the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Falun Dafa in 1999. My dad and I supported Falun Dafa the entire time.

After I graduated from college, I started a small business in Beijing with some friends' help. I sold a type of stone in an open-air market. It was hot in the summers and very cold in the winters. The job was difficult, and I did not earn much money. Because I was new to the business, my stones were often lost or stolen. One winter, I did not sell a single stone for a few days. Then the first day I had business, I received a counterfeit 100-yuan bill. A few days later I received three fake 100-yuan bills. I not only lost my stones but also lost the change I gave the customer who gave me the fake bills. I felt very sad because 300 yuan was often my entire month’s profit.

However, I knew from Master Li's Fa-lectures about “loss and gain” to treat the losses with a calm mind. Although I was given fake bills, I never passed them on to others. I did not complain and took it all lightly. If I had never listened to the teachings of Falun Dafa, I would have been like most people who would try to pass on the counterfeit bills.

After a few years, I went back to my hometown and got married. Since it was not easy to find a job, I borrowed some money from my parents and partnered with a friend to open a store to sell the stones. Since he did not know anything about the stones, I provided the stones and my expertise, and he contributed the funding to start the business. My mom did not agree with my opening the store, but I didn't have any better options.

Our business finally opened, and the first few months we worked diligently every day. My friend learned most of my skills. After that he no longer focused on the business. Instead, he hung out with some layabouts, and he got divorced and remarried.

He started to hide from me and did not trust me anymore. My mother reminded me again of her being against that business venture. By then the business was valued at over 100,000 yuan, including cash and our inventory. The monthly income from the business was barely enough to cover living expenses. I thought about it for a few days and decided to dissolve the business.

After my friend heard my proposal, he immediately wanted to keep the business. Instead of buying me out, however, he did not give me a penny or allow me to take any stones.

My wife was very angry and wanted to argue with him. I also felt it was unfair, too; however, I remembered the Dafa teachings. I persuaded my wife to walk away from the problem.

If I did not know about the principles of Falun Dafa, I would never have considered others first and treated my friend the way I did, which was to think of him first. I did not hate him and still said hello to him when I met him on the street a few years later.

Although I lost everything, I did not feel disappointed. I borrowed some money from my relatives and friends and rented a place in a new market to sell items. I treated customers with integrity and honesty. My business went well. I repaid all the debt and bought a car. I really appreciated that by following the Dafa principles, it brought me good fortune.

In the materialistic society of China, I do not drift downward along with it, nor do I get confused by any thoughts about personal interests and gains. I am happy, joyful, and at ease every single day, both physically and mentally.

I don’t mean to express how good I am. I just want to share with everyone that if we want to live a happy and joyful life, we should follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If everyone could follow these principles and think of others first, there wouldn’t be crime or all sorts of wicked things that really do harm to others. Falun Dafa truly does a great good to our country and our society, and it brings no harm at all. If everyone could benefit from Dafa's principles, happiness will always be with us!

I greatly appreciate the countless blessings and fortune that Dafa brought to me!