(Minghui.org) I traveled with a group of fellow Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) practitioners to a distant city in May 2016. We had received news that some practitioners in that city had been illegally detained, so we decided to clarify the truth to the authorities to help secure their release.

Our car reached the city at six in the morning. After sending forth righteous thoughts, we visited the local police station, detention center, and even the workplaces of other detained practitioners in order to clarify the facts and correct any misunderstandings.

The Accident

We completed our work at eleven o’clock, and after sending forth righteous thoughts, we got in the car and started our journey home. Despite the warm and sunny weather, our car was involved in a sudden accident and ended up in a ditch.

Our car was almost completely crushed from the impact of the crash. On reflection, I believe it was because I did not hold myself to the strict requirements of the Fa, and started to doze off when I should have continued to send forth righteous thoughts.

Medical Care

Kind passersby helped to call the emergency hotline. Two ambulances soon arrived and rushed us to the nearest hospital. Within two hours, a sixty year-old fellow practitioner passed away from excessive internal injuries. I was also diagnosed with serious internal bleeding, twenty-two broken ribs, and fractures in my collarbone and sternum. Most concerning, one of my fractured ribs had shifted so close to my heart that it was in danger of puncturing my aorta.

Despite receiving this grim prognosis, I felt no fear. I knew that omnipotent Master had saved my life during that dangerous accident and would continue to help me overcome this tribulation. I silently begged Master to help us.

The hospital refused to perform any form of surgery on me. Because of my severe injuries and advanced age of sixty nine, the doctors were certain that I had little chance of surviving the strain of surgery.

After my terrified son begged and pleaded with the doctors, they finally relented and told him, “To completely treat all her fractures is impossible. Even a healthy young person could not survive such extensive treatment. We will only repair the area surrounding her heart, to prevent the broken bone from puncturing her aorta.” My relieved son agreed to the proposal.

Discharged Seven Days after Surgery

My surgery lasted seven hours and I awoke to find myself in the intensive care unit. A ventilation tube was in my throat and my four limbs were firmly secured to the bed. However I was still able to move my right hand. I silently asked Master for help in leaving this place and began knocking on the rail of my metal bed.

A nurse quickly came over and said, “We did not expect you to wake up so fast. Because you underwent major surgery, we have to keep you in the intensive care unit for observation.” She then walked away. I continued to tap my bed frame. The nurses then called in my son, who tried to convince me to stay. However I was determined to leave and continued to rap on the metal rail after he left.

The nurses knew I was a religious practitioner and commented to each other, “There should be no problems releasing this elderly lady from the intensive care unit early because she has a religious faith.”

The nurses then sought out my son and told him, “Your mother is in good condition and it looks like she is an impatient person. It may be allowable to let her leave the intensive care unit.”

I was released from the intensive care unit ten hours after being admitted. Doctors had originally predicted a three day period of recovery, in order to stabilize my condition after the operation. My early release and rapid recovery amazed the attending medical staff, other patients, and their families. Some learned that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and soon news began traveling throughout the hospital, “Falun Gong practitioners are extraordinary!”

After being released from the intensive care unit, I was instructed to receive only one or two visitors at a time in my ward. I ignored this restriction and invited a number of fellow practitioners into my ward. Together, we studied Zhuan Falun, sent forth righteous thoughts, and listened to audio tapes of Master’s Guangzhou lectures. I noticed doctors and nurses observing us with smiling faces, along with gestures of respect and admiration.

Support from Fellow Practitioners

Upon hearing about our accident, practitioners living in the region began a concentrated effort to send forth continuous righteous thoughts. Some practitioners sacrificed mealtimes in order to send forth righteous thoughts. Others voluntarily prepared and delivered home-cooked meals to the groups sending righteous thoughts. Some even went without sleep and spent the night sending forth righteous thoughts in small groups. Many other practitioners visited the hospital and stood outside my ward in order to help send righteous thoughts.

Master’s compassionate care and the help received from fellow practitioners enabled my discharge from the hospital within a week! Normally, a patient with such injuries would have to stay in the hospital for at least a month. My rapid recovery stunned those around me and convinced them of the amazing powers of Falun Gong.

Walking a Righteous Path

I remained bed bound after my return home. Other than sending forth righteous thoughts, I spent a large amount of my waking hours listening, reading, and memorizing the Fa. I also actively looked inward and found many deficiencies, including the harboring of strong resentment, combativeness, lack of compassion when conversing with others, etc. My schedule also included doing the exercises every morning. I was gradually able to stand, walk, and sit after a month. I rejoined fellow practitioners in the daily Fa study sessions, and my health swiftly improved.

Forty five days after the accident, we received news of an issue which would require representatives from each respective area to visit the Petitioners’ Office. I was one of the representatives scheduled to be interviewed. Worried that the interview would strain my recovery, fellow practitioners racked their brains in an attempt to find an alternative person. However I reassured them I could undertake the job. “It is not impossible. Don’t forget we are Falun Dafa disciples.”

The next day, we traveled to the Letters and Complaints office. With Master's help, the process was quickly and smoothly completed.

I have cultivated in Falun Dafa for nearly two decades and count myself fortunate to have the protection of revered Master and unwavering support from fellow practitioners. This accident has bolstered my determination to do well in order to repay Master’s kindness in saving my life.