(Minghui.org) Several of us often go to markets to hand out materials and to tell people about the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Dafa. One day, we went to a market in another county.

Just as we were beginning to distribute flyers, a man reported us. A police car pulled up, and the officers took us to the local police station. On the way there, we sent righteous thoughts.

At the station, the police asked us, “Where do you get these materials?” We told them, “We make them ourselves.”

When one officer asked, “Why do you carry so many copies?” A practitioner said, “We make many copies so that we can give them to more people. The information in them is the truth behind the persecution. Many people are now disappointed with and angry at the CCP. They curse the Party, but because they've been misled by its propaganda, they also curse Falun Dafa.”

She further explained, “Falun Dafa is an upright spiritual practice. Master Li teaches us to be kind and moral so that we can be better people. This also benefits the people around us.” A young police officer suddenly stood up and said, “I believe you are good people!”

We explained why we practice Falun Dafa and debunked many of the Party's slanderous claims against the practice. We told them our stories and how we benefited from practicing.

I pointed to a practitioner and said, “Look at her. Before she began practicing she had more than ten illnesses. Doctors told her that she only had a few years to live. After she began practicing, all her illnesses disappeared. Does she look ill to you?”

I said, “Everyone knows that the CCP is very corrupt and that this situation can't go on. We should all distance ourselves from it so we won't be implicated when it collapses.” Some of the police officers nodded their heads in agreement.

When one officer asked, “Are you afraid?” I said, “We are only trying to let people know the truth. We aren't doing anything wrong, so what should we be afraid of?”

I realized that it was almost noon so I said, “Let us go. We haven't broken any laws. Shouldn't you be trying to catch criminals? Why did you bring us here?”

The one who seemed to be in charge said, “You were reported, so we need to go through the process. Don't worry. We'll serve you lunch. I'll let you go after I ask my supervisor.”

Soon after, we were brought lunch. After we ate we said we needed to use the restroom. One young police officer was standing in the hallway. I asked him, “Do you think we should just walk out?” He said, “Please don't. I will be held responsible.”

I said, “We need to be responsible for you, too. Please quit your membership in the CCP and its affiliated organizations. You don't want to be implicated when things fall apart.”

He said, “Okay, I will quit it right now!” I told him, “Please remember that 'Falun Dafa is good.'” He said, “I will remember.”

After a while he came in and said, “Please take your bags and walk to the south.” Thus, we walked out of the police station safely and more officers understood the truth behind the persecution.