(Minghui.org) I am 70 years old and used to suffer from many illnesses, including shortness of breath, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Although I took many medicines, I found no relief.

Fortunately, I found Falun Dafa and within 100 days of practicing, I recovered from all of my illnesses. Twenty years have passed since I stepped into this cultivation practice, and I am still in excellent health.

Finding Hope

My neighbor gave me two tickets for a qigong class in November 1995. I declined the tickets, so my neighbor said, “I heard that the teachings of this practice, as long as you are a good person and do good deeds, can lead to one recovering from illnesses.”

Upon hearing this, I decided to attend the nine-day lecture series. To my surprise, my health improved, my body felt lighter, and I was no longer short of breath after having taken this class.

I then borrowed Zhuan Falun, the main book of this practice. I was deeply touched by its broad and profound teachings. In comparison, the knowledge I had obtained from my academic studies felt superficial and inadequate.

I also did the Falun Dafa exercises in the morning and attended group study in the evening. At that time, I hand copied Zhuan Falun twice and gave them to the practitioners living in the countryside, as there was a shortage of Dafa books. While hand copying the book, my eyesight gradually improved and the severe pain in my back and legs disappeared.

Power of Dafa

Throughout the years of practicing Falun Dafa, I have encountered and witnessed the power of this cultivation practice.

A painful wart grew on my left toe, which made it difficult to walk. I understood from the teachings that I was paying off karma I had accrued in my past lives. I was then determined to forbear the discomfort in order to repay this karma.

One night, in a dreamlike state, I saw Master take my foot in his hand. He began pulling a thread from the toe for a long time. I looked at my toe the next morning and saw that the wart had disappeared.

Another time, as I was doing the sitting meditation, I noticed a black, powdery substance fly out from my right knee. When I opened my eyes I could not see anything.

My right knee was injured in an accident in 1975, leaving me unable to kneel for more than 20 years. I was able to kneel with ease after the removal of the black substance.

I have also seen a bright, golden light emitted from Zhuan Falun and have been protected from serious accidents when riding my bike.

Practicing Falun Dafa has made me more broadminded and considerate and has brought blessings to those around me.