(Minghui.org) With the arrival of the 2018 New Year, Falun Dafa practitioners all across China are sending in their heartfelt greetings to wish revered Master Li Hongzhi a happy New Year. Below are greetings from some elderly practitioners, the oldest being 90.

These senior citizens make good use of their time to do the three things well. Many go out every day to talk to people about the Chinese communist regime’s illegal persecution of Falun Dafa and to urge people to quit the Chinese communist party and its subordinate organizations.

One 90-year-old man in Beijing wrote that Falun Dafa helped him quit smoking and drinking, both habits of more than 50 years. He was hit by a car four years ago, and he was totally fine. The driver wanted to give him 1,000 yuan as compensation, but he declined. He knew that Master Li had protected him from danger.

The well-wishers include three sisters in their 80s, several couples in their 80s, and a few Fa-study groups whose youngest practitioners are in their 60s.

They hail from the following places:

BeijingChongqingBotou City, Longhua County, Pingshan County, Qinglong County and Tangshan City of Hebei ProvinceYichang City of Hubei ProvinceJingzhou County of Hunan ProvinceJiamusi City and Yichun City of Heilongjiang ProvinceAnshan City of Liaoning ProvinceZhangye City of Gansu ProvinceChangchun City of Jilin ProvinceGaomi City, Pingdu City, Shen County and Zhaoyuan City of Shandong ProvinceDatong City of Shanxi ProvinceGuangyuan City and Ziyang City of Sichuan Province