(Minghui.org) Ms. Han Guangzhi was put on trial on December 20, 2017, at 7 a.m., in Yushu City Court, Jilin Province. The proceedings lasted less than 30 minutes, and her lawyer was not allowed to defend her.

Lawyer Denied Right to Defend Ms. Han

When the presiding judge asked Ms. Han what she wanted to say, she replied, “Without my lawyer present, I refuse to say anything.” She did not speak during the trial, and the only people present were prosecutor Sun Li and other members of the court who presented the case against her.

On December 18, 2017, when Ms. Han's daughter asked to apply for a permit to attend the trial, she was not told when it would be held. She went to the local police station the following day to get the permit. When she went to the court to talk to the prosecutor, Sun Li, about the trial date, she learned the trial would be 7 a.m. the next morning, December 20.

She asked why she had not been informed earlier, because the lawyer she hired would not be able to come on such short notice. The prosecutor said, “Lawyers from other cities are not allowed to practice here, according to the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and 610 Office. You can hire a local lawyer.” “You just told me that the trial will be held tomorrow morning,” she responded. “I won't have time to hire a local lawyer.”

Arrested and Home Ransacked

Ms. Han Guangzhi and Ms. Gao Xueqin were arrested on August 2, 2017, for talking to people about the persecution of Falun Gong. Fan Hongkai, head of Zhengyang Police Station, officers from the Zhengyang Police Station, and Shi Hailin from the domestic security division ransacked her home. They confiscated a printer, a PC, informational materials, and some Dafa books. Ms. Han was taken to the Yushu Detention Center.

Lawyer Denied Access to Case File

Fifteen days later, Ms. Han's case was handed over to the local procuratorate and then quickly forwarded to the court.

Ms. Han's family hired an attorney from another city, who traveled to Yushu City six times. However, every time he tried to look at her case file, he was denied access. Her lawyer had to file a formal complaint with the legal organizations involved.

Ms. Han Guangzhi has been detained for more than four months.

Health Benefits

Before she began practicing Falun Gong in 1997, Ms. Han had multiple ailments. She went to several hospitals in different cities for treatment but nothing helped. After she began practicing, she became healthy and free of illness.

Additional perpetrators:

Fan Hongkai (范洪凯), head, Zhengyang Police Station: +86-15904409088, +86-431-83622235Li Yan (李岩), Yushu City Procuratorate, in charge of Ms. Han's caseSun Li (孙利), the Yushu City Court prosecutor, in charge of Ms. Han's caseWang Shuai (王帅), director, Yushu 610 Office: +86-15500090067