(Minghui.org) During face to face talks to clarify the facts about the persecution to Chinese people, I often mention the attitude held by the current leader of China. I had thus paid a lot of attention to him and his attitude toward Falun Dafa. I gradually developed a favorable attitude and held great expectations for that leader.

Because of this attachment of depending on an everyday person, I was easily swayed by his words and actions. When he said or did anything favorable for Falun Dafa or democracy, I became excited. When he did the opposite, I was frustrated and disappointed. I was like a person trading stocks – my mood weaved back and forth as conditions changed.

I had little to say or write for a while other than about politics. I had developed a notion that using the words and actions of the top leader was the best way to awaken people in the judicial system because they have very low moral standards, are atheists, and judge situations by looking at their leaders.

The notion caused me to talk less about the facts of Falun Dafa and retribution, and I lost the wisdom to awaken people's conscience. Everyday people often said, “You appear to have a lot of interest in politics.”

Master Provides Opportunities to Change

I changed my outlook after discovering my attachment of depending on everyday people.

It is not that we cannot accept some facts about the current leader. We should not, however, develop a dependency to an everyday person and expect that person to clear the name of Falun Dafa. Hidden underneath is a desire to living an easy life.

With more expectations comes more frustration. After the 19th Communist Party Congress, the current leader took a series of actions to uphold and protect the evil Party which swayed a lot of practitioners, including me, from being “favorable” to being “disappointed.” You can see this change from the number of articles on dyna-web, an anti-censorship portal, that are laced with negative comments.

I became frustrated with the Party leader's latest attitude. Yet if I had fewer expectations, I would not be frustrated today. The cause is actually from within myself.

Why should I hold negative feelings about an ordinary person? An ordinary person is weak in willpower and is easily controlled by a force or a being.

Even practitioners make mistakes and lose their righteous perspective from time to time. How can we expect a leader of an evil party to do the right thing all the time?

If more practitioners developed this human notion, the old forces could use it as an excuse to change the leader, so as to test us.

Falun Dafa practitioners have no right to judge an ordinary person or depend on an ordinary person.

As long as a person is not an unforgivable culprit of the persecution, Master always gives the person opportunities to be saved.

Now that I understand this, I no longer hold a negative attitude towards the leader, nor do I rely on him. Instead, I try to understand the difficulties a person faces in such a situation.

I no longer pay attention to what a leader does. I regard him or her as an ordinary person. The Fa-rectification process is controlled by Master. I shall focus on cultivation only.

Dependency and frustration are both a kind of qing (emotion). Qing cannot save a sentient being, but compassion can.

Behind the frustration is our attachment to the persecution ending. But if the practitioners' xinxing level has not reached the standard, if the number of saved people is not enough, the end will not arrive.

The year 2017 has passed. Remembering the time when I was so attached to the 19th Party Congress and expectations for the persecution to end, it now feels as if it was no more than a big joke and another lesson learned.

For over a decade, we had high hopes of many ordinary people and expected the persecution to end in this spring or that fall. Too many lessons should have been learned. Let us not forget these lessons in 2018.