(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. I firmly believe in Dafa and Master Li, Falun Dafa’s founder. Although I have suffered all kinds of tribulations, I have never thought of giving up my faith, but I have instead shown people the goodness of this cultivation practice.

Success of a Company Depends on Treatment of Practitioners

I worked for an enterprise that produced household electronic appliances. After the persecution of Falun Dafa started in 1999, I was illegally arrested and persecuted. Each time I was released, officials at my workplace allowed me to return to my job.

When assigned to the appliance management department, I used every opportunity to tell my colleagues and supervisors about Falun Dafa and how Dafa practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Appliance management is a job where bribes from subcontractors are the norm. Several employees in my department were investigated for taking bribes and some were taken to court. But the bribes did not disappear; they were just conducted under the table, so no evidence could be found.

A supervisor once commented openly that it would be no problem for me to manage a supply department because I practiced Falun Dafa. Everyone knew that I would not accept bribes.

This company experienced a strong growth for nearly 20 years, and the revenue was around 40 billion yuan.

However, the company supervisors changed their attitude toward Dafa over time. They did not arrange a job for me when I was released from the forced labor camp in 2011, nor did they approve my compensation money. I was forced to resign by July 2015.

At the end of that year, this company experienced its first major revenue decrease, and many of its officials resigned. I believe that this situation had a direct relationship to their treatment of practitioners.

Policeman Learns the Truth

I was illegally arrested and placed in a so-called “Legal Education School,” which was a brainwashing center, in 2003. The guards were chosen from many forced labor camps because of their experience in “transforming” practitioners. Some of them had psychology backgrounds and were trained in many methods to “transform” practitioners.

After some time, I found that some guards were still kind and unwilling to persecute practitioners, while others were misled by the Chinese Community Party's (CCP) propaganda.

One young guard was in charge of monitoring and “transforming” me. He knew that Dafa practitioners were good people, but just did not realize that persecuting practitioners could bring harm to himself. He also did not believe that doing good deeds brings rewards, while doing bad deeds leads to karmic retribution.

I wanted to persuade him to treat practitioners kindly, and I wondered how to go about it. After chatting with him for a while, I found that he came from the Chaoshan area. I remembered that people from that area still believed in Gods and Buddhas, and their families still worshiped enlightened beings.

When I mentioned some traditional Chinese belief, he showed interest.

“In order to experience good fortune,” I said, “a person’s ancestors had to accumulate virtue. Only such families could have good fortune. Stopping or interfering with others who believe in Buddha and the Fa would make one lose the most virtue.”

I continued, “Falun Dafa is the highest Fa of the Buddha school. How much virtue would you lose after interfering with such a profound Fa? Without virtue, could you possibly have good fortune in the future?” He was speechless.

From then on, he no longer mentioned Falun Dafa, and I knew he would no longer persecute practitioners.

Honesty of a Practitioner

I relocated to a new house in 2015. I hired a team to renovate it, and after I paid the down payment, I was to pay another 30,000 yuan once the work was completed.

I arrived at the company after the project was done. A company official calculated for a while and said that I would owe about 10,000 yuan. I was surprised and realized it was a test for me. I was actually short of money at the time. Still, I was a Dafa practitioner, and I knew I could not take advantage of others.

I told her that she charged me less because she did not realize that I had missed the second payment; I ought to pay over 30,000 yuan.

It was her turn to be surprised. Her boss and his partner were also shocked because they only ever experienced customers who tried to bargain with them, but never had they met up with someone who wanted to pay the agreed-upon amount.

“I practice Falun Dafa,” I said. “Falun Dafa is maligned by the CCP's media, but it actually teaches people to be good and value virtue.”

They loved my honesty and accepted Falun Dafa informational materials when I made the final payment.