(Minghui.org) Mr. Li Man is in his eighties and lives in the northern part of Zhenglan Banner, Inner Mongolia. He practices Falun Gong and is very healthy. He studies the Falun Gong teachings and exercises daily.


In June of 2017, four people broke into his yard. He was startled and thought, “I’m so far away from town that even if I call the cops, it would take them a couple of hours to get here.”

They came straight into his room and told him not to move. They took his Falun Gong books and asked him whether he still practiced Falun Gong.

Li Man then realized that they were policemen. He told him that he did practice Falun Gong; he was now healthy and had not taken any medication for 20 years. He tried to continue, but they stopped him and began ransacking his house.

They took his watch, the only valuable item he owned. He needed it to get up on time to exercise. Other than that, the police could not find anything else to take in his house. They continued searching and saw two rocks on the table and thought they might be worth something. They checked them over, decided they were just ordinary rocks, and tossed them back on the table and left.

Udumbara flowers have been blossoming for over a year

Even though his watch was taken, Mr. Li was not too upset. The two rocks were worth a lot more to him. Udumbara flowers had been blossoming on the rocks for over a year. Even after the rough handling by the policemen, the Udumbara flowers were not damaged.

Buddha Shakyamuni predicted the blossoming of Udumbara flowers when the Holy King of the Law Wheel descended to the human world to provide salvation. The flower grows on many places—steel, wood, glass, plastic, and rocks.

The blossoming of these ancient flowers represents an auspicious time in the vast land of China. They remind people that the Holy King of Falun is compassionately blessing all sentient beings with his boundless power.

The police officers did not see the holy flowers. We hope that they will examine their own behavior and awaken their consciences. The time for tribulations of Falun Gong practitioners is limited; those who actively participate in the persecution may have lost their eternal lives and future! Good or evil, all cause and effect will be revealed in the near future!