(Minghui.org) Villagers in Changli County, Hebei Province, upset about the police persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, gave an interview to Minghui.org late last year. In the interview they urged the police to release Ms. Wang Shaoping, who had been arrested in Xinji Town when she talked to people about Falun Gong and the persecution. Several of the villagers who spoke out have since been arrested, along with five more Falun Gong practitioners.

Violent Arrests in Retaliation for Speaking Out

Minghui.org published the video of the interview on December 9, 2017.

After the Political and Legal Affairs Committee director of Changli County took photos of the video to various town leaders, three villagers and five practitioners were arrested. The three villagers were He Yongjiang, He Xide, and Li Guoxing. The five practitioners were He Yongfang, Li Yanjun, Wang Xiuhua, Li Dongyun and Zhang Hemin.

Gao Jieli, Captain of the Domestic Security Division of the Changli County Police Department, led two dozen police officers to Mr. He Yongjiang's pig farm. They wanted to know who took the video and sent it to Minghui.org. They searched every room and took away printers, papers, calendars, and Minghui Weekly periodicals.

Next, they went to Mr. He Yongfang's home. They broke the door open and dragged Mr. He out. Mr. He's father, who was in his eighties, had recently passed away. Mr. He's mother, who was still recuperating from her husband's death, collapsed in shock when the police invaded their home.

The police also broke into practitioners Mr. Li Yanjun and Ms. Wang Xiuhua's home, ransacked it, seized their personal belongings, and arrested them.

The police next went to practitioner Ms. Li Dongyun's home and knocked on the door. When the family did not answer, they climbed over the garden wall, entered the house, and arrested Ms. Li.

Gao Jieli accompanied officers to Mr. Zhang Hemin's home in Xinji Town. They tricked him into opening the door by claiming that they were looking for a veterinarian. They arrested Mr. Zhang and seized Dafa books and a music box.

Gao attempted to ransack Mr. Zhang's mother's home as well, but gave up because he was afraid of her dog.

Practitioner Mr. Li Yanjun has been released on bail. Practitioner Ms. Li Dongyun was released when she failed the physical examination.

Three practitioners are still being detained under criminal detention. Two of them are being held in the Changli Detention Center, and the third is in the Qinhuangdao Detention Center.

Of the three villagers, Mr. Li Guoxing had high blood pressure and was released after being detained for 12 days. The other two villagers, Mr. He Yongjiang and Mr. He Xide, are still detained.

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