(Minghui.org) I had the good fortune to begin practicing Falun Dafa in 2012. I soon realized that it is very important to clarify the truth and persuade Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates.

Through a variety of channels, I started to clarify the truth to Chinese people I knew and those I didn’t know, and persuaded them to quit the Party. I have participated in the Global Telephone Group project to clarify the truth. At the beginning, I only clarified the truth to people with my enthusiasm, as I wasn’t clear about many Fa principles because I didn’t study much Fa. So I was walking unsteadily all the way along this path.

I used to be very angry with my relatives and friends who refused to quit the CCP when I attempted to persuade them to do so, thinking that they were stubborn as well as stupid. I even told them, “Since you refuse to quit it, you just go your own way. Please don’t ask me for help when you are old or dead.” When someone accepted my suggestion and quit the CCP, I was so delighted that I treated them as my intimate friends. I had not behaved like a Falun Dafa practitioner in this activity. I did this task with everyday people’s attachments, without enough righteous thoughts and I did not develop sufficient compassion.

Once, while clarifying the truth, the person who received my call kept explaining to me in an experienced tone, that the CCP would never fall. He was dedicated to the CCP, and I could feel that he was afraid of the fall of this organization. Then he started to persuade me: “Why be concerned with the matter about Falun Dafa instead of leading a good life? Isn’t it better that you can travel around if you are free and buy some good clothes if you have money? How does quitting the CCP help Falun Dafa practitioners who have put up one slogan here or there?”

It sounded like he might have been involved in the persecution of Falun Dafa. I asked him: “Have you committed any bad deeds against Falun Dafa practitioners? Have you made false accusations against Falun Dafa practitioners? You have to know that people who persecute us will receive due punishment in the future.”

On hearing what I said, he was immediately furious and started to curse me. He hung up the phone and finally simply stopped taking my calls. Although I felt a little bit sorry for failing to clarify the truth to him clearly, I also felt a little pleased with myself, as I had exposed him. Having shared with my fellow practitioners about this, I found that I had many attachments, such as competitiveness, revenge, gloating over other people’s misfortune, and lack of compassion for saving people. I should have inspired the positive side of that person instead of stimulating the negative side of him.

By studying the Fa carefully, consulting related articles on the Minghui website, and listening to the experience of how my fellow practitioners on the platform saved people with compassion, I have acquired a new understanding of how to save sentient beings.

People throughout the world have come from high levels with the purpose of obtaining Dafa. They are so brave to have come down to this earth, but have become lost in the maze. No matter how many hardships some people may have suffered in their previous lives, and even if they have done many things for Dafa, now they have slipped to the brink of danger. The people in mainland China who are seriously deceived by the evil Party’s lies and culture are especially in a dangerous state. They are the people who need to be saved urgently.

The people in the world today were once Master’s family members and Master has done everything possible, compassionately waiting for sentient beings to be saved and waiting for Dafa practitioners to clarify the truth by opening their mouths. Do I have any reason to treat everyday people differently? At present, the time for our cultivation practice has been extended by Master’s tolerance. So Master has repeatedly told us to do the three things well by cherishing the remaining time. Gradually, I have removed my attachments of competitiveness and treating some people differently. Now I cherish every ordinary person who has a predestined relationship with me.

On one occasion a man working for the government received my call. He shouted at me on the phone, “Speaking about Falun Dafa, those who have practiced it should be arrested!” I thought that I should try my best to save him, though I felt very sad after hearing this. I didn’t take up the thread of the conversation, but calmly told him about the history of how the CCP kills people. With perfect assurance, he said: “Which dynasty does not kill people? Which regime does not kill people when it is replacing another one?” Then, in a flow of eloquence, he talked about the so-called history he knew. I still didn’t take up his topic, but kept telling him how the CCP persecutes Chinese people. He said, “It is the CCP who has given me a job which has allowed me to live a good life. For this reason, I surely support it.”

When he finally paused I said, “I am sure that you are a knowledgeable person who is well-read in classics and well versed in both Chinese and foreign history. But have you seen through the Tiananmen self-immolation program shown on Chinese Central TV in 2001? The information broadcast in the program was absolutely not true.” Then I told him a few loopholes in the program, asking him: “Didn’t you see through this fabricated story produced by such low-grade means? How could a knowledgeable and wise person such as yourself be taken in by it?”

He was finally silent. I immediately continued: “We can hardly blame anybody for that. The Communist Party keeps its power by relying on lies. The reason you have been deceived by the CCP is because of its information blockade; and it is afraid of the Chinese people knowing the truth. Therefore, I would like to give you a QQ (an online communication tool in China) number through which, you will get free software for breaking through the Internet blockade and then you will be aware of all facts through Minghui website, NTDTV and the Epoch Times.”

At that moment, I was extremely grateful to Master. It is Dafa that upgrades me step by step and it is Dafa that saves people. A few minutes ago, he regarded Dafa as his enemy and took the evil Party as his savior. It is the power of Dafa that changed him and made him willing to know the truth and want to be saved.

From then on, my tone has been firm, but my state of mind has been very peaceful while clarifying the truth on the phone. Sometimes I come across cynical people who don’t respond directly, but say something such as, “I am hungry and without money to support myself. Can you post me some money or a big, roasted chicken?” I no longer answer back sarcastically but sincerely respond, “Please listen to me carefully so that you will know how to choose a better future.”

After hearing what I say, they will stop their mischief and seriously have a dialogue with me.

As a new practitioner, I have just started walking on the path of cultivation practice. Please point out anything improper in my sharing.