(Minghui.org) Our family used to be a happy family, my husband and I led a simple but comfortable life. We ran a small provisions shop and our daughter, happily married, had moved into her own home. We were free of worries and led a good life.

Later on I was diagnosed with a gynecological disease called prolapse of the uterus, and it was sometimes so painful that I couldn’t even move. My symptoms waxed and waned over the years and I suffered a lot. I was introduced to Falun Dafa and started to practice it. It wasn’t very long before my disease disappeared. The symptoms have never reoccurred in over a decade, making my belief in Dafa even stronger.

For over a decade, along with other determined Falun Dafa practitioners, I have been standing firm in my belief in Dafa even though I realized that I could be persecuted at any time.

Husband Reported Me to the Police Twice Out of Fear of Persecution

Since I became healthy because of practicing Falun Dafa, my husband was not against me practicing before the persecution began. However, he started to feel scared due to the influence of Jiang Zemin's terrifying crackdown and the propaganda he heard broadcast on China’s state-run media.

He began to oppose my practice. I know very well that Dafa is a righteous practice, and I told him that it was impossible for me to give it up. Yet he went to the local police station to report me twice and forced me to go to the police station with him, which gave me the feeling that he would be pleased if I was put to death!

I said, “There is nothing to be afraid of. I will go with you. A good person practicing Falun Dafa is open and aboveboard and this is also an opportunity to clarify the truth to people working at the police station.” So I went to the police station with my husband.

At the police station, my husband told the director, “My wife practices Falun Dafa. I have handed her over to you and I don’t care how you deal with her.”

The director asked me, “Why do you still practice Falun Dafa?” I told him calmly, “Falun Dafa teaches us to be good people who value virtue and do good deeds. It has the miraculous effect of curing illnesses and maintaining fitness. There is nothing wrong with it. My gynecological disease has been cured because of my practicing Falun Dafa, and without spending a penny. Now, where can you find such a good practice that can heal your illness without asking patients for a penny? The media rumors portray Falun Dafa as bad, but this is untrue and made up for the purpose of suppressing Falun Dafa.”

After hearing what I said, the director did not say a word. After a little while, he said, “If it is good, please practice it at home.”

My husband was very angry to see that the director of the police station didn’t do anything about me. Therefore, after returning home he still insisted on going to the police station to report on me when he saw me continue to study the Fa and do the exercises. My husband forced me to go back to the police station with him. I was open-hearted and aboveboard because of practicing Dafa and I was not afraid of going anywhere. So, I went to the police station with him again.

A young police officer was on duty at the police station that day. My husband asked, “Aren’t you going to stop her from practicing Falun Dafa!” The officer looked at me and said that he would not.

Husband Drove Me Out of Our Home

When the police station still refused to deal with me, my husband was so angry when we got home that he wanted to divorce me. I refused to agree.

Without considering the love between husband and wife, he drove me out of the house and didn’t let me take anything with me. I was driven out of our house with only the clothes on my back. Although my husband treated me badly, I didn’t resent him. It was because he was deceived by the media lies and frightened by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that he did this.

For the next six years, I led a very simple life, renting a shabby house. I scrimped and saved and did not even have a warm coat for the winter. My relatives, friends, and fellow practitioners helped me out. I ate steamed bread and pickles every day. I didn't get much education and didn't have a job or an income. I lived on my meager savings. Although life was hard, I didn’t complain about anything, instead, I felt calm and rich in my heart. And my firm belief in Falun Dafa never wavered.

After I was driven away, my husband appeared ill-hearted. He had difficulty running the business well and was frequently angry. Although I was out of the house, I did not give up my home and thought that I would be able to influence him with my kindness.
I often went home to cook for him and do the housework. But he never showed me any affection. Every time I went back, he would tell me to go away, swear at me and Falun Dafa, and criticize Master. He wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to persuade him not to act like that. I remember that once, he threw the pot of vegetables on the stove away into the courtyard, shouting at me, “Get lost!” I very sadly walked away.

I cannot remember how many times I went back and how many times he drove me away. He repeatedly filed for divorce, but I didn’t agree, and I still kept going home and doing housework. I wouldn’t feel angry no matter how he cursed me and told me to go away. A few years passed and the business at our small provisions shop got worse and worse until it finally closed down. And my husband’s health was getting worse as well.

Husband Suffers a Stroke

On May 12, 2014, my husband had a severe stroke causing slurred speech. He was in a critical condition. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I still went to the hospital to look after him without thinking about how he had treated me in the past.

Master said:

“Of course, in practicing cultivation in ordinary human society, we should respect parents and educate our children. Under all circumstances, we must be good and kind to others, not to mention to our family members. We should treat everyone in the same way. We must be good to our parents and children and be considerate of others in all respects. Such a heart is thus unselfish, and it is a heart of kindness and benevolence.” (Zhuan Falun)

I thought that as a Dafa practitioner, I should do everything according to what Master requires. While he was hospitalized, I looked after him sincerely and carefully.

My Kindness Awakens Him

My kindness finally awakened my husband. One day he suddenly said, “I want to be discharged from the hospital and I want to practice Falun Dafa at home.”

After getting home, he listened to me when I clarified the truth to him. I asked him to listen to the Fa and asked him to repeat, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good.” His health quickly improved.

Once he himself burst into tears, saying that he had done something wrong before and confessed it to Master and apologized to me. I was glad to see the changes in him. Those years of hardship I suffered, demonstrating the goodness of Dafa, prove that practitioners’ kindness can make people turn over a new leaf. When his younger brother and sister came to see him, my husband told them, “Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good!’ Look how well your sister-in-law treats me!”

Husband's Brother and Sister Support Dafa

I still remember that when my husband drove me away, his brother and sister ignored me and didn’t accept the truth about Dafa. Now they see that, without resentment or hatred, I haven’t left my husband and have been nice to him, and they are also touched by my kindness.

I told them: “The small shop we relied on for income closed down. Your brother got sick and life was hard for me for a few years. Aren’t these evil consequences caused by Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Dafa?” My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are now aware of the truth of Falun Dafa and have no objection to my practicing. They have both quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations as well.

My husband and me getting back together after a forced separation was because I cultivate Dafa. I know that I should be a good person, or an even better person, and cultivate myself in the face of conflicts so that I can raise the realm of my character and life. By doing so, I can also influence others with kindness.

This is my story, the story of an ordinary practitioner. I hope that more people will be able to overcome the brainwashing of the CCP and, wholeheartedly understand the truth of Falun Dafa. This is absolutely beneficial, bringing no harm to anyone, despite the lies spread by the propaganda.