(Minghui.org) In the past ten years of cultivation in Falun Dafa, I have not been able to see or feel anything from other dimensions, and I seldom have dreams. I have not received any special revelations, nor do I have any supernormal abilities. However, from Master's Fa, I have become more and more mature and steadfast in validating Dafa and saving sentient beings.

Increasingly, I have been able to feel Master's strengthening and expectations of me. In order to do the three things well, we must listen to Master unconditionally and do whatever Master asks us to do. This is the most righteous, fastest, and easiest way to improve in cultivation.

I am 79 years old and was a primary school teacher. My adult children live in a different town. In the summer of 1996, my second daughter brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun. At that time, I was not sick, I did not believe in divine beings, and I did not understand cultivation. Even though I read the book, I didn't understand anything. I had a lot of time on my hands after retirement and felt obliged to read the book since my daughter had given it to me. So, in November I went to a local group practice site and began to study the Fa with the others. I was just doing it for the sake of doing it.

After the persecution of Falun Dafa started in 1999, I gave up my practice of Falun Dafa and took up Tai Chi and cycling. Looking back, I am so ashamed of myself. I could not even face Master and fellow practitioners. In January 2005 my daughter came to see me saying, “Master told me to bring you back.” I happily agreed to go back to practicing Falun Dafa.

It has been more than 10 years since I started to genuinely practice cultivation. I would like to talk about how I caught up and wasted no time doing the three things. However, what I have done is still not enough when measured against Master's requirements and compared with other practitioners. To express my gratitude to Master and to encourage myself to be more diligent, I have decided to write down my experience to share with other practitioners and to report to Master.

Do the Three Things Well to Catch Up

As soon as I resumed cultivation, I was involved in sending righteous thoughts for 72 hours with local practitioners to rescue arrested practitioners. I did it on the hour at home.

After studying the Fa and cultivating myself, I enlightened to the sacredness of Dafa, the magnificence of my mission, and the preciousness of this rare opportunity. I realized that I had wasted a lot of time and that the best way to make up for it was to follow teacher's requirements to do the three things well. I made a plan to study two to three chapters of Zhuan Falun daily, send righteous thoughts as much as I could, and get up at 3:40 am to do the exercises. If I missed a day, I would make it up. I started to let my family and friends know about Falun Dafa and the persecution and distribute materials in my condo complex.

To save more people, I rode the bus to go into the city. I talked to people in the supermarkets and on the street to help them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since 2006, it has been my routine to study the Fa in the morning and then go out to clarify the truth and help people quit the CCP. I did this every day, rain or shine. My goal was to help 4-5 people quit the Party each day. Sometimes I was able to help 10 people to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

My husband was a victim of the CCP's deception and persecution in a political purge for telling the truth in the 1950s. He was sent to the countryside to be re-educated for 20 years, and he developed serious lung disease due to mental anguish, hardships, and fatigue. He barely managed to keep his job until he retired. He had very poor health and was living on medications. In 2010, his condition got worse, and he had to be hospitalized. As my children were all away, I was the only one caring for him. That kept me from going out to save people. I was very worried. I made up my mind that I would both provide care for him and continue to save people.

I told my husband that it was because of Dafa that I was able to look after him without our children's help, even though I was in my 70s. But we cannot be too selfish. We should think about other people at the same time. I wanted to be able to continue doing the three things while providing care for him. Since he liked to sing and knew how to play the keyboard, I discussed with him to find a way to keep him engaged while I went out for a few hours to talk to people about Falun Dafa. He agreed.

Every morning, I stayed home to care for him and studied the Fa and sent righteous thoughts at the same time. In the afternoon, I set him up in the bed with his bedpan and water bottle beside him and the keyboard in front of him. I asked him to sing and play, and if he got tired, say “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good.” I then took the bus to the city, where I was able to help four to ten people quit the CCP. Then I went to the supermarket to get groceries and came home to cook. As soon as I got home, I settled my husband down in bed, gave him the oxygen mask, and put him to rest. Then I prepared dinner. After dinner, I brushed his teeth and gave him a sponge shower, did household chores, and went back to studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts. This was my routine until he died in February 2011.

After he passed away, I moved to live with my eldest daughter. Even though I was new to the city, I went every day to where there were many people to tell them about Falun Dafa.

In December 2011, I moved again to go live with my younger son, who lived in a big city in the Northeast. In addition to doing housework for him, I went out daily to talk about Falun Dafa with people in supermarkets, at bus stops, and in apartment buildings. I was able to help ten to twenty people to quit the CCP each day.

In 2012, I bought my own computer and printer and learned how to get on the Minghui website and download and print materials. I also learned to type so I could upload the names of those who had agreed to quit the Party. I was able to print materials for fellow practitioners. Whatever was needed for Dafa, I did my best.

Following Master's Teachings and Advancing Diligently

Since I caught up with Fa-rectification in 2006, I have treasured the time I have for cultivation during the Fa-rectification period. I have a packed schedule every day for housework and cultivation activities. I looked after my grandchildren every day, I was very busy. It was only after everyone went to bed that I was able to study the Fa, do the exercises and send righteous thoughts. I ensured that they were done properly. In addition to the four scheduled times for sending righteous thoughts, I also did it at 9 am and 9 pm. I lived frugally and was never in debt. I made sure that I had enough money for Dafa projects; I would rather not eat or drink.

In terms of xinxing, I hold myself to a high standard. I do not chat with fellow practitioners on everyday people's topics. If fellow practitioners were chatting about something that was not consistent with the Fa, I walked away to avoid listening. I also did not spread rumors. I believe that as long as I study the Fa, everything would be taken care of. I would not waste any time granted by Master.

I see tests of sickness karma as a xinxing issue. No matter the magnitude of the test, I just ignored them and carried on as I was supposed to while looking inward. Usually the test would be over within hours, days, or weeks.

I rarely have conflicts with other people. I try to look at everything from the perspective of Dafa principles.

Over the years, I have come across all kinds of people when clarifying the truth face to face. I don't talk a lot, but I have their best interest in mind. I tell them that we have a predestined relationship, that I'd like to bring them peace, and that people should choose kindness over evil. I would also tell people how the CCP killed Falun Gong practitioners to harvest their organs for profit and ask people to stay away from the CCP. Usually people would quit the Party upon hearing that. I have been doing that, rain or shine, with compassion in my heart. I have no holidays, no weekends, no breaks. Sometimes I would skip meals to save more people.

I talk to everybody without picking or choosing. Some are thankful, others yell at me, and some even grab my arm and try to take me to the police station. I remain calm and usually overcome a difficult situation with a compassionate heart.

I have never been in a police station or public security bureau. Those involved in the persecution are the most pitiful; it’s all the more reason for me to save them. When I talk to people at bus stops, I would come across plainclothes police officers. They tend to just walk around without getting on the bus. I would approach them to talk. When they don't want to listen to me, they show me their IDs and tell me that they were on duty, without doing anything to me.

I think the reason I am able to clarify the truth without much trouble is because I have been very diligent in my Fa study, exercises and sending righteous thoughts. I follow Master's teachings all the time and am able to see things from the Fa's perspective and maintain my xinxing. As a result, I have been able to talk to people about Falun Dafa without getting into trouble with the authorities. I get through most dangerous situations I encounter.

I am well aware that my being able to do a good job in truth-clarification is because of Master's encouragement and strengthening. I will continue to do so until the end of Fa-rectification. I also wanted to tell the world's people that Falun Dafa is a Great Way and that its cultivators experience extraordinary things. I am an elderly person and have been able to overcome many difficulties and travel everywhere with good health, which even young people are amazed at. This is a demonstration of the power of Dafa.

Unlike what the CCP propaganda says, Falun Dafa practitioners are kind people and come from all walks of life. They not only benefit from the practice but also make it their mission to spread Master's compassion to others.

I can only be more diligent and do the three things well to pay back Master's saving grace.

The above are my understandings and sharing. Kindly point out anything inappropriate.