(Minghui.org) Among thousands of New Year greetings received from Falun Dafa practitioners around the world, this report presents a selection from those who work in government and military agencies in China.

The greetings and homemade greeting cards wish revered Master Li Hongzhi a Happy New Year, telling Master how much they miss him and expressing their gratitude for his benevolent and painstaking salvation. Their New Year's resolution is to continue all the good work, become more diligent in cultivation, and do the three things well.

Practitioners in Datong National Defense Industry in Shanxi Province thanked Master for his enormous sacrifice and compassionate salvation. They will make good use of their time to look within, let go of all attachments, save people, and fulfill our mission.

Several retired military personnel wrote a poem:

Reincarnation after reincarnation we came down to this human world,searching endlessly for thousands of years.Today we have learned the Fa and kept improving ourselves,Upon completion of Fa-rectificcation we will return with Master tomorrow.

One retired police supervisor, Class I, from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, said he began to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. He is now 75 and has walked a long way on his cultivation path and Master gave him hints many times for him to keep up with the momentum of Fa-rectification. He contributed this poem for the New Year:

The cosmos is going through Fa-rectification towards a better future.I was able to cultivate on earth during the final Kalpa.Honoring my original vows to assimilate myself to the Fa,letting go of attachments and improving xinxing.Overcoming all kinds of the difficulty and tribulations,we Dafa disciples assist Master in saving people.In such an unprecedented opportunity for us to become practitioner,my gratitude is beyond words other than wishing Master Happy New Year.

These greetings are from:Justice system in Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, and Liaoning Province.Police system in Nanjing City (Jiangsu Province) and Bazhong City (Sichuan Province).Political and Legal Affairs Committees in Jiangsu Province.Government agencies in Tianjin City, Bazhong City (Sichuan Province), Jilin Province, Liaoning Province, Suining County (Jiangsu Province), Dalian City (Liaoning Province), Kaijiang County (Sichuan Province), and Qiqihar City (Heilongjiang Province).Police system in ChinaPeople's Liberation Army General Staff Department in Nanjing City (Jiangsu Province).Military forces in Chongqing City and Zhenjiang City (Jiangsu Province).Retired military officers in Jiangsu Province, Changsha City (Hunan Province), and Haidian District (Beijing City).