(Minghui.org) Several Falun Dafa practitioners in my area were arrested during these past years, and some were sentenced to prison terms. The reasons are complex, but two reasons jump out.

First, most of those practitioners had accumulated a considerable amount of Dafa truth-clarification materials at home, which were bought with other practitioners' money.

Second, some of those practitioners spent the money given by other practitioners for personal things.

Being a Spendthrift with Practitioners’ Money

These practitioners do not cherish the money from other practitioners. No matter how large the amount, they dare to accept it, and they dare to spend it on unnecessary or even personal things.

To save money, some of them bought large amounts of materials on sale, such as printing paper, but did not consider if they could use that much. Some transferred the money practitioners gave them to practitioners who were in a hospital or to families who were persecuted. Some of them spent the material sites' money to hire lawyers. Some of them pursued “big achievements” and accumulated large amounts of money for their goals. When they were arrested, they lost all the materials and cash. What serious damage did they cause?

When fellow practitioners pointed out their inappropriate behavior, they gave many excuses or simply transferred the materials and cash to other practitioners.

The evil has been watching our financial dealings. They are looking for loopholes in this area, which they then orchestrate to create the most damage for practitioners.

Even in everyday society, who would just take thousands of dollars, even if it was a family member who was giving it? Who would spend other people's money to fulfill one's own desires?

The material sites' money is a Dafa resource. Some practitioners buy large amounts of materials and also often waste a lot. They watch their own money carefully but do not cherish the material sites' money.

At home, who would buy large amounts of perishables? But some practitioners dare to buy large amounts of materials, although they do not need that much.

Why? Don't they realize that they are wasting Dafa resources, which damages the Fa?

Fundamental Attachment Creates Loophole

The fundamental attachment is greediness, greediness for fame, money, gain, new things, and so on.

One of Shakyamuni's disciples reincarnated into a snake that guards gold, because he was greedy and desired wealth. It is a large loophole in cultivation if a cultivator cannot give up the attachment to the greediness for other people's money. Not to mention those who use other people's money for personal affairs and those who try to profit from other practitioners.

Master said: “it was a demon who came knocking at your door, thanks to your human attachments?” (“Be Vigilant” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)

Many practitioners were arrested or persecuted many times. Although the reasons are complex, greediness is a major problem.

Master spoke about managing materials and money:

“This Dafa of ours doesn’t involve money or material possessions, and we don’t accumulate money or material possessions.” (Teaching the Fa at the Eastern U.S. Fa Conference)

“Back when Buddha Sakyamuni was guiding his disciples in cultivation, he didn’t allow his disciples to keep money or property, lest they develop attachments to those material interests. So they were allowed to keep nothing but a kasaya[24] and a begging bowl. But all too often humans have many attachments that are hard to get rid of. During a certain time, many people started collecting food-begging bowls. Some said, 'This bowl of mine is bronze, this bowl of mine is jade, this one of mine looks good, this bowl of mine is silver.'” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City” from Lectures in the United States)

Many veteran practitioners also recalled and shared how Master handled money and materials.

As practitioners, we know that we should deny the old forces' arrangement. But, if we don't listen to Master about the things Master told us not to do, how can we deny the old forces' arrangements? Is this the behavior of a cultivator?

Walking One's Own Path

Most practitioners are walking on their own paths. The family material sites do not need that much cash. Most practitioners are spending their own money to run such sites. They don't need money from others. So, we need to be careful when we give money to practitioners. It may bring damage to others and to ourselves.

I am not trying to criticize fellow practitioners. I just want to point out the problems. If you do have these problems, you should look inward and see if you are greedy.

Everybody should check whether he or she has a lot of accumulated materials at home. If you do, please have discussions with fellow practitioners, and figure out how to use them properly. Make sure you don't waste Dafa’s resources.

The Fa-rectification is approaching its end. One cannot reach consummation when still holding onto any attachment. Precisely, one must get rid of greediness.

Master said: “With attachments too strong, bearings are lost.” (“The Knowing Heart” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)