(Minghui.org) Ms. Wang Guifang, from Dandong City, Liaoning Province, was arrested at home by officers from the Dandong Domestic Security Division on November 11, 2016. She has been held in the Dandong Women's Detention Center for over nine months.

It was reported that Ms. Wang's case was accepted by the Zhenxing District Procuratorate.

Family's Rescue Efforts

Ms. Wang's family and friends have been worried concerning her detention. Her elderly parents told her daughter, “Ask the lawyer to advise your mom that she has done nothing wrong.”

Her family has been actively telling officers and public officials involved in persecuting Ms. Wang to learn the truth about Falun Gong and demanded her release. They have gone back and forth between the Hezuo District Police Department and the Zhenxing District Procuratorate many times.

Pan Sixiu, a prosecutor, had rejected the case submitted by police, citing insufficient evidence. He promised her family that he would discuss her case with his superiors and handle it under existing law.

When her family recently called Pan, he informed them that Ms. Wang's case had been handed over to the Zhenxing District Court, and that the decision was reached after extensive discussions.

“We have already consulted with our lawyer,” the family told Pan, “who advised us that learning, practicing, or talking about Falun Gong violates no law. The ban on Falun Gong books has been lifted, which can be verified from official websites. Therefore, what clause of law did you provide to the Procuratorate?”

Pan claimed that he could not discuss the case specifics, but said that they would see them in the indictment. The family reminded Pan that China's current leadership advocates the rule of law, and attributes lifelong responsibility to anyone involved in the case. They also said that what he has done is not good for him or his family, and also amounts to persecution of their family.

Pan demanded again and again that he not be told whether or not any law was broken.

Arrest and Indictment

Ms. Wang and practitioner Ms. Liu Kejuan were leaving for the farmers market on November 16, 2016, when a group of plainclothes officers blocked them at the door. They held up a picture and asked Ms. Wang if she knew the person in the picture. Ms. Wang asked them who they were. One of them flashed an identification (ID) card and said that they were police. They kept saying that it was so cold outside and wanted to enter her house to talk. The two practitioners let them in out of kindness. The officers ransacked her house and arrested the two practitioners.

Ms. Wang was officially placed under arrest by the Zhenxing District Procuratorate on December 24, 2016. The Hezuo District Police Department sent her case to the Procuratorate, and it was rejected. The case was re-submitted to the Procuratorate on May 3, 2017.