(Minghui.org) I have noticed that some practitioners look sleepy and tired at group Fa-study. They admit that they feel extremely drowsy and have not been able to overcome it. I used to experience sleepiness during Fa-study, and hope that my sharing could help others.

Several years ago, I was sleepy when studying the Fa, and tried many ways to overcome this problem. I would hit my head against the wall whenever I felt drowsy. I wanted to eliminate the demonic interference of sleepiness with pure determination. I did not give in to the interference, but I did not resolve the issue, either.

Then, I realized that it would be disrespectful to Master and the Fa if I am not serious about Fa-study. That seriousness manifests in different ways, such as the speed of reading, one's tone, and even one's posture when reading the Fa. Once I treated Fa-study with due seriousness, I felt less sleepy during Fa-study. But still, I felt the issue had not been resolved.

After some time I thought, “This is not right. How can I get sleepy studying the Fa? This is Dafa, I should be more awake the more I study.” After I had this thought, I felt some substance leaving me and sleepiness disappeared..

Ever since then, I no longer experienced this sleepiness during Fa-study. I would be tired from work at times, but as soon as a fellow practitioner said that it was time to study the Fa, I was no longer sleepy.

Now, I understand that this demonic interference of sleepiness should not exist at all. My prior notion that “it is easier to be interfered with if one does not treat Fa-study seriously” also created a loophole, because I acknowledged the interference.

I believe that feeling sleepy during Fa-study is also a type of persecution by the old forces. It should not exist because Master does not acknowledge any arrangement by the old forces. Of course, treating Fa-study seriously is what a Dafa practitioner should do unconditionally. However, whether a practitioner can do it or not has no bearing on whether the practitioner should be interfered with.

The Fa is the root of the cosmos' creation, so one should not feel sleepy when studying the Fa. One should feel more awake instead! We must understand this. When we have a clear understanding of the Fa, how could the demon dare to interfere with us?