(Minghui.org) Following their arrest on August 25, 2017, a Falun Gong practitioner couple were brutally tortured in the police station. The wife, Ms. Zhang Jingqiong, escaped and described what happened to a Minghui correspondent. Her husband, Mr. Weng Zuguo, is still being detained. It is unknown what triggered the arrests.

According to Ms. Zhang, several police officers broke into their small restaurant on August 25, 2017. They held the couple down on the floor, handcuffed them, and then pushed and dragged them into the police car in front of a crowd of people.

The police also raided the couple's home and confiscated their Falun Gong materials, including books, flyers, and a photo of the founder. The police also took keys and many other valuable personal belongings. The couple's family members had to change the lock on their entry door after the police left.

The couple were detained in Xindi Police Station in a room with no windows or air conditioning. It is the height of summer, and the couple were drenched in sweat. The police ignored Mr. Weng's demand for water and threatened to torture them both to death.

In addition to beating the two brutally, the police locked them on tiger benches for two hours and dragged them on the ground by their handcuffs. When the couple tried to persuade them to stop, the police verbally abused them and kept threatening to torture them to death.

Ms. Zhang with injuries to her forehead and arm

When Ms. Zhang escaped from the police station, her forehead, arm, leg, and back were severely injured. She also sustained internal injuries and was in considerable pain.

Because she practices Falun Gong, Ms. Zhang was imprisoned four times between 1999 and 2004. She suffered a ruptured ovary as a result of brutal beatings while she was held in Shayang Forced Labor Camp in 2004.

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